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Samizdata quote of the day

It’s one thing to have people looking at your sex tapes, but having people reading your personal e-mails is a real invasion of privacy.
-The anonymous source who took the story of Paris Hilton’s hacked BlackBerry to the press

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • The Blackberry does more than just retrieve e-mail? I’m behind the times.

  • Pham Nuwen

    I just wish someone could explain to me what the attraction is with her? I would barely be inclined to open a door for her let alone want to waste my time seeing what she has in her blackberry.

    She might be rich, but she is in my opinion just a silly twit with no decernable talent. I’ll take a real woman, like any one of the beautiful Samzidata women any day over her.

  • John K

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Paris Hilton. Everyone surely has a right to some privacy, and hers seems to be invaded on a regular basis.

  • Richard Thomas

    Johnk: I’m sure she’s crying all the way to the bank.

    Everything that’s happened is pretty obviously carefully timed publicity to raise her celebrity profile. Once that would have bothered me but now I say kudos to her for working the system.


  • Richard Thomas

    And FWIW, this weekend I saw her SNL appearance and she looks a lot better with darker hair (in the one sketch about the computer technical school).


  • Behind the times, Alan?
    I havent got the slightest idea what a blackberry is.

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    What is a blackberry?
    A rather delicious fruit:


  • Jackie D: I can see why one would assume that someone reading another persons email to be a real invasion of privacy. From what I understand about the topic most email is fairly insecure. Prof. Steven Coleman recently said (something like) it’s best to assume that your email can be read by all of the people it passes through till it arrives in your inbox.

    Pham: I have never understood the appeal of Paris Hilton either but I’m not into Hollywood women. I find women I meet every day *infinitely* more attractive.