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Some more Friday cat blogging

Baseball player Andres (“Big Cat“) Gallarraga is fighting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and making a new name for himself by writing a book about how non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be fought. As the Baby Boom gets ever older, expect more relatively young celebs to make their diseases public in order to appeal to this disintegrating demographic.

India’s Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT has been busy ensuring that ladies trying to become constables do not get unfair treatment in Chandigarh.

UPI has this, about Cat Stevens:

Washington, DC, Jan. 13 (UPI) – The singer Cat Stevens was denied entry to the United States because of money he had given to terrorist linked groups, a U.S. official said.

“If you contribute to terrorist organizations, I’m sorry, but you’re not welcome in the United States … And that’s what happened to Cat Stevens,” Robert Bonner, customs and border protection commissioner told United Press International Thursday.

Mystery has surrounded the case of the singer since federal officials diverted a Washington-bound flight he was on to Bangor, Maine, last September. He was deported after being questioned.

Jaguar’s Big Cat is best in show.

WYTV reports that CAT scanning is old hat:

With today’s medical technology, it’s possible to see pain, to stand outside the body and examine the tiniest muscles and thinnest tissues inside us.

Thank the magic of magnetism or MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, a technology developed about 20 years ago as a new way to see inside ourselves.

As the CAT scan exposes bone, the MRI looks at softer targets. The MRI shows two kidneys; the left one has one artery feeding it, its twin has two.

Hacienda Luisita’s CAT is Luzon’s biggest sugar refinery, but, says Tarlac News, there is trouble brewing there. At the mill, I should say. That would be in the Philippines, right?

A high speed cat, the WestPac Express, is helping out with the Tsunami relief effort in Thailand:

US military officials also said the shallow draft and speed of the vessel allowed it to ferrying relief supplies quickly and efficiently to many different types of ports.

WestPac’s captain, Ken Kujala, said it took only minutes to begin to unload cargo, using the vessel’s roll on, roll off ramp.

“Most of our missions support training … but we’re doing something different this time,” said Captain Kujala. “Everyone …will jump through hoops to get the job done.”

Imagine it, a catamaran jumping through a hoop.

BMS-CAT is a Texas based recovery firm, and it has been busy in Hawaii, after the flooding there.

This story evidently started out with a misprint in its headline. Google has the original link as “USA Today Highlights iPod’s Importance to Cat Stereo Makers”. But they meant car. Jaguars especially?

CAT news from Kolkata:

KOLKATA, JAN 7: The Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, has decided to accept Common Admission Test (CAT) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from candidates seeking admission to its one-year post graduate programme in management.

I know what you are thinking. Cats are not machines or acronyms, they are, first, last and always, four legged mammals. So I will end with news about Tropical Storm, son of Storm Cat:

Maiden winner Tropical Storm, a four-year-old son of Storm Cat, has been acquired by Roger and Jane Braugh’s NewLife Stud and will stand stud the 2005 season at a Central Kentucky farm yet to be determined.


29 comments to Some more Friday cat blogging

  • zmollusc

    Very droll. Shouldn’t this have its own catagory?

  • Verity

    There may be a couple of readers who don’t know this story:

    A woman takes her Pekinese to the vet. It is very sick and the vet says there is nothing he can do and recommends putting it to sleep. But the woman says, “Just like that? Without even doing any tests?e ”

    So the vet says, “Just a minute” and leaves the room. He returns with a golden labrador. The lab puts its forepaws up on the examination table and studies the Peke carefully, than returns to all four legs and gives a single bark. The vet takes the dog out and returns with a cat, who jumps straight up onto the table. The cat sniffs carefully all over the Peke, then shakes its head, jumps down and leaves the consultation room.

    The woman agreed to have the Peke put mercifully to sleep and asks the vet how much she owed. The vet says, £75. “Seventy-five pounds! For an injection?”

    And the vet says, “No. It would normally have been £20, but after the lab report and the cat scan …”.

  • A full body cat scan will give you about 4x the average annual dose of radation.

    Thinking of cats, I’m looking for a little black Tom!

  • A full body cat scan will give you about 4x the average annual dose of radation.

    Thinking of cats, I’m looking for a little black Tom!

  • Steve


    Straight to the top of the tower.

  • What about the SkyCat????

    The best cat around – an enormous airship being designed by Advanced Technologies Group. Well worth a look – http://www.atg-airships.com

  • You know, let’s not be catty here, but I’ve heard of a certain unsuspecting cat’s paw with a catamaran full of illegal catsup and fried Catfish Hunter, may he rest in peace, snowcatted Jeffrey Katzenberg, the catsup, and the catalfaque of Field Marshal Felix von Katzenellenbogen, from Cattaragus County to the Catskills, stopping among the cat-tails to keep the cat o’nine tails from getting their tongs. I suppose I could keep this up…no, I think I won’t.

  • LCB

    San Francisco misses the Big Cat (Gallarraga, late of the SF Giants)!

  • Kristopher Barrett


    Cat … the other white meat.

  • Verity

    That’s that same cute little kitty who made an appearance in Michael’s mother’s kitchen last week, clearly intuiting the appearance of food.

    Well, by popular demand, I did not post my cat’s photo here because y’all were united in failing to tell me how to do it. My cat is a very nice boy and you would benefit from seeing him. (And he was lucky to be alive after being thrown out of a car window on a French autoroute at 110 klicks and landing on his face. And now is fixed up and fine.)

  • I'm suffering for my art

    I like the look of that Jag.

  • Verity: e-mail me the photo and I will post it for you – at least in this comments thread.

  • Ted Schuerzinger


    Can you get an account at someplace like Photobucket and put the photos there? Then, you can use the <IMG src=”insert URL of photo here”> tag to display the photos.

    Sorry, I don’t have any good cat photos right now

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    Two more points, Verity:

    1. You have to close the IMG tag

    2. In case anybody is wondering, the photo is of two bears that were in my front yard this past September. The photo’s blurry because I took it through the front window.

  • And here by popular demand we have Verity’s cat.

  • Verity

    Oh, thank you, Michael! He is such a dapper little boy, and so affectionate, despite what happened to him. (The same people who chucked him out of the window of a car on a French autoroute had also chopped his tail off.) Now he can be a star in the Anglosphere.

    Ted, thank you for your kind advice, and I will save it. “The photo’s blurry because I took it through the front window.” Very prudent.


    Há um Povo que vive à espera do momento certo para ver o seu Líder. Ele desperta ansiedade, temor, nervosismo, amor. O Povo espera e desespera com saudade pelo seu Chefe.
    Estou à espera – diz a Paço Arquiana Quitéria Barbuda e continua. – Vivemos uma espera infinita, eterna, sempre presente.
    Com o Comandante o Povo de Paço de Arcos espera um novo ano e quem espera sempre alcança. Há festas, há batalhas que mudam os blogues, os esforços são imensos, as esperenças são absurdas, vivem as suas vidas e depois adormecem para retemperarem as forças. Os inimigos atiram-se das janelas, afogam-se em comprimidos, mas a maioria é lentamente devorada pela R.I.A.P.A..Têm apenas uma consolação: curvarem-se perante o Grande Comandante Guélas!

  • Johnathan

    And one of my favourite TV presenters is the gloriously cute and airheaded Cat Deeley!!!

    A lot of fine libertarian authors have cats. Chris Tame has had loads of the critters. Ayn Rand was a cat nut, as was Robert Heinlein. Is there a trend here?

  • Verity

    Jonathan – Of course there is, silly!

    Cats are libertarians. One cannot order a cat around. If you tell a cat to get off the table, it will sit down and get washed.

    The cat can be very fond of you, but it has no interest in pleasing you at its own expense. Place a piece of tuna on the end of a cat’s nose – as with a dog and a biscuit – and say, “Trust!” and the cat will simply eat the tuna and look up expectantly for more.

    Cats also do civil disobedience. If you shout at a cat often enough not to jump up on the table, it will stop jumping up on the table when you are there. When you come back home, cat hairs on the table will reveal that the cat has been pleasing itself in your absence.

    I know it’s fruitless to compare dog and cat intelligences when they are both intelligent, but the dog is a pack animal and its nature is to cooperate and to accept the authority of the top dog and others who rank above it. The cat accepts no authority above itself. It doesn’t need the pack to hunt. It has no interest in where it stands in the “pecking order” because it hasn’t got the faintest idea what a pecking order is.

    It’s interesting that military people and others who thrive in an environment that requires respect for rank and team work – from the military and the police to the top echelon of corporate environments – have dogs for pets.

    Writers, artists, entrepreneurs, libertarians and other self-directed people seem to give homes to cats.

    The socialists obessession with uniformity of action, obedience and control would militate against very many cat lovers among them.

    I don’t mean to imply that the many dog owners who post here are controlling types, because clearly, most aren’t. Llamas is as libertarian as anyone posting here, for example. And dogs have many wonderful qualities. But cats are fascinating because the concept of authority is alien to them. Cats stay with you of their own free will. If your household doesn’t suit them, they move out and seek more congenial quarters. If you ever hit a cat, for example, you would never see it again. But people can beat dogs and the dog will stay, because it needs the pack. So it can never be as independent as a cat, which hunts alone.

    (And phony Tony is such a control freak that even a dog isn’t obedient enough for him.)

  • I'm suffering for my art

    Are cats libertarians? I happen to like these furry beasties, however I think they are amongst the most ruthless of creatures. “One has infinite rights, assuming one does not infringe upon anyone else’s rights.” A cat lives its life by this statement. Up until the first comma, anyway.

  • Verity

    Suffering – Cats are not “among the most ruthless of creatures”. They ARE the most ruthless of creatures. I think it is partly the combination of slinky grace and ruthlessness that many of us find so intriguing. Cats prowl to their own drum, which makes them libertarians.

    BTW, the only two animals which hunt for fun are mankind and cats.

  • I'm suffering for my art

    Verity – would you believe that I had initially written “cats are the most ruthless of creatures” however I was somewhat fearful of provoking a long, tedious exposition on the hunting practices of the Striped Limpopo Praying Mantis from someone with too much time on their hands, so I modulated my statement.

    Regardless, I still don’t believe cats are libertarians! They are authoritarians – nay, dictators of varying benevolence, stretching from “not at all” to “quite”. Sure, I suppose you could argue they employ some (twisted) libertarian principles in regards to their own actions, but if it had the power a cat would happily enslave everyone else, remove everyone elses’ rights if it meant they had to do its bidding.

    But I still love them.

  • I'm suffering for my art

    Talking about sweet and lovely creatures that hunt for pleasure, I once saw footage of a pack (what’s the collective noun for dolphins? Pod? Death squad would be more appropriate in this case) of dolphins torturing and eventually killing a baby porpoise, then playfully flinging its corpse around in fun for a few minutes before abandoning it. Kind of blew a hole Greenpeace’s “sacred dolphin” image for me…

  • Verity

    Suffering – Interesting. I wonder if all those Greenpeace-type women who want to give birth in the water surrounded by dolphins are familiar with this aspect?

    You are right. Cats are ruthless. They ruthlessly beguile us into being their humble servants.

  • I'm suffering for my art

    Verity –
    *sigh* so true.

    That was about the cat-ruthless-beguiling bit, not the Greenpeace-women-giving-birth bit, which would read

    *snarl* so true.

    Actually, I am imagining a Linda Chaney moment without the dingo…
    “Help! A dolphin ate my baby!”

    And no one would believe her!

  • Katrina Gray

    I Liked it alot. Catwomen is My favorite charactar and actress shes cool and amazeing i like her alot. The movie was great to because of all the action in it.

    Thanks for makeing the movie i loved it.

    Bye Catwomen