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Snoozing off the pounds

Well, a couple of weeks have gone since the usual festival of excess generally known in these parts as Christmas. When I turn on the television, the radio, or look at the adverts plastered on the walls of the London Underground, it is hard to escape the messages urging us all to lose weight, give up X or Y, go to the gym, blah, blah. Well I do my best to stay in some form of shape by attending a gym fairly regularly, but I must admit there is almost something rather reassuringly predictable about this annual burst of puritanical preaching about the need to turn over a healthy leaf and get into shape. It is like the passing of the seasons.

However, I realise that many of the fine Epicureans who read and write for this blog take a more robust view of these matters and have no time for such asceticism. Well, I have great news. Medical research reveals that you can lose weight by sleeping longer.

That is what I call good news.

15 comments to Snoozing off the pounds

  • zmollusc

    Well duh! Sleep through enough meals and you get thinner.

  • mike

    Well people who sleep all day get depressed, and if they get depressed they want to eat. I’m always amazed how much faith people place in the importance of different foods whilst seldom mentioning the importance of exercise.

  • Well, I have some town felt the need to hibernate for a few weeks in the dead period of the year (ie about now). I am willing to bet I would lose weight if I hibernate for a week or two.

  • Well, if I could find some time in which to get the extra sleep, I would really be delighted.

  • Well, 4 comments, and all begin with “well”. Well, now there are 5…

  • mike

    Well well well isn’t that a striking coincidence – you know I hear a diet of water and vitamins works wonders though only if the water is drawn from a dank, old, mysterious… 🙂

  • Well there are a number of fasting diets, drinking something like lemonade with more vitamins for 2 weeks, with some bran just to keep things fun.

    I lament the push for more people to exercise now, as the gym is always more crowded, making it less appealing for me to go.

    I wonder if the study found that people that get more exercise sleep longer. I know I do now that I’m going more often. And I don’t mean I find the time to — it takes less time to fall asleep.

  • mike

    Well if there’s more people going to the gym then there’s a growing market which could make the right person a little bit of money… Anyway, my exercise patterns are erratic, I just do it when I feel like it and so booking sessions at the gym would just be stupid for me. I may be something of a misnomer on this thread actually because I don’t have any weight or health problems – but one thing I have changed is that I never drink beer anymore when I go out, I just have a little whiskey no mixer… it’s easier on the belly especially if you want to run the next day.

  • Well, there is nothing new there, fat people usually tend to sleep less because they are fat, they arent fat because they sleep less.

  • Well…
    Sleep in.
    Get to work late.
    Get fired.
    Lose weight.

    See? Easy!

  • Wild Pegasus

    Well, I think this study makes sense. Your body recharges while you sleep: memories are processed and filed, muscles are restocked with energy, and broken or torn parts of the body are repaired. Someone who sleeps more (“enough” is probably the right word) is going to have more energy to hit their tasks throughout the day and a stronger metabolism after having recharged itself. It only makes sense that getting adequate sleep figures in your weight, since it figures heavily in your general health.

    – Josh, student, unhealthy

  • Aurochs

    You don’t lose the weight by sleeping. The study states that there could be a connection between the fatigue and appetite centers of the brain. Getting more sleep should cut down one’s appetite, thus reducing the amount of weight gained. Sleep does not cause weight loss, and it should not be considered a weight loss mechanism.

  • mike

    Oh well, we kept it going for 11 comments, shame for it to come to an end. But let’s not lose any sleep over it!

  • Edward Teague

    Sleep. Length doesn’t matter, it’s who you do it with.

    I have a scientific proof, and require some assistants to undertake “more research”.

  • I find sleep very useful for my fiction writing. What some people might refer to as nightmares, I refer to as research. Many times I have produced full stories based on a dream the night before…case in point this one.