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Who make da wave? WHO????

Polly Toynbee gets her priorities right:

Social democracy and global cooperation are struggling under the tsunami of US neoconservatism.

Few things in life are as reliable as the Guardian.

12 comments to Who make da wave? WHO????

  • Excellent! Polly has finally seen the light and embraced globalisation! It is good to see she opposes Bush’s protectionist measures and is urging true global free trade… what, you mean that is not what she means?

  • Johnathan

    If a right-tilting commentator had used the word tsunami to make a political point, they’d be eviscerated and rightly so. Yet for Polly it is okay because she cares. Gimme a break.

  • In a better world, Polly, a certifiable lackwit, would be more right than she is. Unfortunately, a goodly portion of the world is cooperating to thwart the U.S. in every possible way — including the ongoing attempts to compel all the charitable contributions now being made for tsunami relief to flow through that palladium of morality and compassion, the United Nations. (cf. Clare Short’s recent statements)

    I could go on, but I have an essay to write on this very subject.

  • Polly is not even unique, you can find leftwingnuts like her using the tsuanami to bash Bush & the US. Whether it be that idiot from the UN, some Greenpeace twit or the many other myriad of cretins.

  • Verity

    That sentence was the first thing I read on the internet this morning and it’s great to start the day with an unexpected chuckle. Thank you, David. (You, too, Polly! You’re one in a million!)

  • Edward Teague

    “If a right-tilting commentator had used the word tsunami to make a political point, they’d be eviscerated and rightly so.”

    Curiously the first example of the use of tsunami I came across was Pat Buchanan in “How the West was Lost”. I regret I cannot turn it up at the moment but it seemed inappropruate at the time. Subsequently I noticed it creeping in poliyical commentaries on both sides of the Atlantic (wher it appears we are free of their effects), a “tsunami” of regulations etc., a “tsunami” of grief was one I saw about the Chechyna school massacre.

    Pat B however made it up with “Where the Right went Wrong” published this summer which I recommend to anybody who wants to see how the twin deficits that are eroding US commercial life will play out this year.

    My own view is that Dr NO, (who I am sure had a secret undersea hideaway in this region) was responsible for detonating a 2/3 kilogram device using isomer flooding of Hafnium but put the gamma ray tamper device in upside down and as the flourescing seconds ticked away in the darkness….

  • Stehpinkeln

    Eddie, would it upset you if I pointed out that PB has gone so far around the dial that he is actually on the left nowdays? But at least he went in a counter-clockwiae direction. Since PB is first and foremost a racialist promoting isolationism it is to be expected that the Left will find him attractive.
    Regardless, Conservatives disavow PB nowdays. Not even PB thinks he’s a conservative anymore. I heard him describe hisself as a ‘fiscal conservative, moral liberal’ on a talk show he was co-hosting (MSNBC). I have no idea what that means.

  • Edward Teague

    I recommend PB for his analysis not his solutions. isolationist, Catholic proselytiser yes, racialist…..?

    He also writes exceptionally well, but what do you expect from a Jesuit educated goyim ?

  • Paul Marks

    It is perfectly possible to be a socialist and still be a good person. However, it is clear that Polly T. is both a socialist and a bad person.

    This makes communicating with her a waste of time, because if the lady could be convinced that yet more statism (“social justice”) would mean more, rather than less, human suffering (assuming that Polly T. does not already know this) she would not care.

    No doubt there are worse people than Polly T., but her badness is so obvious that the real question is why anyone takes her seriously.

  • I'm suffering for my art

    I’m with you Verity, I thought her mini-rant hilarious! I’d like to see more parallels drawn between natural disasters or even environmental concerns and left-wing expired equine flagellation issues. Can we link *insert chosen disaster here* and the 2000 presidential elections? Oh, that’s too easy. What about methane emissions from livestock with the wonderful paradisiacal people’s democracy that is Cuba, and how it suffers at the hands of nasty old Uncle Sam? Actually, methane emissions from livestock pretty much sums up the left’s position on most things.


    Or perhaps one could say individual liberty in Britain is inexorably being extinguished by the tsunami of neo-communism, political correctness and its apologists, not least citizen P. Toynbee.

    Political correctness is Stalinism of the mind.

  • On Christmas Eve, she didn’t even knew what a tsunami is.