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Next time I’m at a party and I meet someone who works for a publishing company, I’m going to get him in a headlock and push his face into a cake.

– Some consumer feedback from Harry Hutton – something about British books being made with the wrong sort of paper.

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Yes, the paper is shitty, but cant you see, it is ECO-FRIENDLY! Good for wiping tiger’s bum.

  • Ecofriendly? This, I think, is the new euphemism for thrifty, which is the euphemism for careful with his money, which is the euphemism for cheap miserly bastard. Acid free paper is now less expensive than it was some ten or fifteen years ago, at least it’s cheaper here in the States, and there’s no real reason why publishers shouldnt be using it.

  • Recycled paper causes more ecological damage than new paper. In order to recycle paper, it needs to be bleached … a process that causes an enormous amount of environmental damage. A proper recycling effort would use dark gray paper, which is unsuitable for books.

    Furthermore, making a book out of cheap paper means more copies will need to be printed later in order to meet demand.

    If you print on acid-free high cotton content paper, the book will be around for decades, satifying new readers.

  • Utter nonsense of course. Any remotely bookish or literate person knows that British books are manufactured to a vastly higher standard than American ones. Harry is clearly an ignorant imbecile who does not know what he is talking about.