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Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to all of our loyal readership and most especially to those serving the cause of liberty in far and dangerous corners of the world.

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  • David Blue

    Merry Christmas!

  • Sgt Charles Morse

    Thank You on behalf of everyone serving here in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

  • Faust

    The Faust Christmas Lecture….

    The West has an ascendancy over the rest of the world…. and its values have been the reason for this ascendancy. The West is stronger and more creative than all other value systems. It’s social structures and its economic structures and its military structures have raised the West to this position of dominance.
    The United States ,in particular, has made decisions and developed its power and effectiveness so that it alone stands head and shoulders above the rest of the Nations of the Earth.

    The CULTURE of the United States of America reflects all these trends. The US today strides the world and in the next century will unite the world in its capacity to create and change mankind into a single cultural regime. Where is the secret for this unprecedented capacity for success.? How did it originate?

    Most particularly, why has the United States risen to the leadership of the world and why will it accomplish what has never been done before by any other Nation? And why are the competitors to the United States doomed to be left trailing in her wake?

    To answer these questions one must think deeply and examine the history of culture itself. It is evident, indeed crystal clear, that something happened in the West early in the nineteenth century in which the rate of improvement in mankind’s daily life took a radical jump in statistically measurable quality. What had for millennia been stuttering and unstable suddenly, for some reason, became stable and steady. And Western societies accelerated in prosperity and wealth and creativity. What happened and why did it happen? Why had it never happened before and why had no other value system produced it?

    Economic historians had been active for decades gathering, collating, and examining in greater and greater detail a new field of data material….economic statistics and their trends. The Renaissance in Europe had intellectual and scientific advances, but this had only minimally elevated the lot of the average human being. It was crucially important, but it was not the complete answer alone to the questions I am posing.

    The footprint at ground level of the average man is what interests me. What does economic statistics tell me about that man? What happened to that man’s life expectancy?

    What were the improvements in his daily life from generation to generation? How was his educational potential improved and accelerated? What was his productive capacity and how did it improve?

    Up until 1820 per capita economic growth… Human material progress registered near zero. In the centuries since the Fall of the Roman Empire the wealth of the common man had actually declined, numerous critical technologies simply disappeared.

    A case in point is Cement. It was known to the Romans and had to be discovered thirteen centuries after it was forgotten. Architectures of reinforced concrete would have revolutionized all engineering. Another technology crucial to communication systems… the Romans could have built electric batteries, the knowledge was available, and the Romans were on the technological verge of all that that implies…and then they lost it when the Empire collapsed. A long list of technologies vanished, and a longer list never happened because of it.

    Before Gutenberg and Bacon inventors lacked two critical advantages that are taken for granted today. Information storage is one of them, a robust commonly available way to store human knowledge. Books and beyond. And the second thing is a firm foundation of Scientific Theory. Scientific METHOD means that the trial and error way of creative advances is accelerated. Bottlenecks in technologies and between them and faltering efforts were left behind as a comprehensive concept of invention became the norm. These two things gave the West a crucial lead over all other cultures.

    After 1820 life spans lengthen and physical well being improves every generation. The improvements become such a torrent that every father can expect his son to have a more comfortable informed, and predictable life than he himself enjoyed.

    What caused this transformation? And WHY did it happen in the West? Why didn’t it happen in Asia or the world of Islam?

    And it happened first in Holland and then in England which was the economic offspring of Holland ,and then it spread in Europe and from there to Japan and filtered into Asia. And lastly it is trying today to reach into Moslem lands which are most highly resistant to its reality. Economic growth and human progress…how has it developed and where is it headed? What is its nature, consequences and Causes?

    Allow me to state first that I discern FOUR foundational causes, ALL of which must be in place before a Nation can prosper. If any single one is missing none of the others will avail. I want to speak Globally. And I am not Eurocentric. I want to look at All of mankind.

    I am fully aware of the Chinese and their contribution to Civilization. The Chinese circumnavigated the Globe a hundred years before Magellan. The Chinese discovered America and explored both American coasts. They invented paper and printing before Gutenberg, they were the first to invent and use gunpowder. They invented the mechanical clock in the eighth century. They were just as great in their architecture and engineering as the pre-Modern Romans. The Islamic Culture also was essential in that it served as a bridge to save a Europe mired in the Dark Ages with the preservation of books and Libraries and to realize the value of the Hindu Indian and Asian concept of Zero and mathematics, and the preservation of alphabets rather than symbolic and even syllabary writing.

    I am aware of all this. But none of these precursors was able to turn the trick of the West of CONTINUOUSLY and PERMANENTLY raising the average human beings standard of living. None of these pre-modern cultures had what was formed in the West. They sometimes had portions of these four factors but none tied them all together and harnesses them as a team.

    Pay attention people. These are my own words, and my own thoughts. I would think that the truth of what I am about to say would be obvious. But all of us who criticize the West and the United States need to pay attention. What I am about to say is an answer to all criticisms of the Value system the United States represents. And I will follow this essay with another which will outline and explain the American Foreign Policy for the last fifty years…and why the United States with its (Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman) Western Hegemony is going to DOMINATE the world over the next Century.

    Modern Wealth and Prosperity exist in the world, our Modern world exists because we have four things. The West dominates the world economically, socially, and militarily because we alone have harnessed four things together into a system. Islam does not do this. And how these four factors are practiced today is the MEASURE of the success of any society or state which prospers or fails.

    What are these four factors of Prosperity?

    FIRST among them is Property Rights, and these property rights are based on Common Law for their application and legitimacy. I will explain this in a moment.

    Second, Scientific Rationalism which I am sure will find the approval of those among us who can read books and use their intellect.

    Thirdly, Advanced Capital markets

    And Fourth, Modern Communication and Transportation.

    Although Prosperity has now become global…it arose in Europe and is Europe’s doing.

    But this isn’t the end of the essay or the end of the story. WHY is America the center of this development today? Why is America paramount and everyone else in the world either apes America or fails or falls behind? What application of these four factors has America achieved which the rest of the world has failed to see and grasp? Why does the future of Mankind belong to the United States? Why is the United States in a contest with Islam? Why has Islam got to either break America or be broken?

    Islam is a world faith. It is a tawdry ancient mixture of religion, politics and Arab nationalism. It will either have to re-establish the Caliphate or change to conform to the American and Western model of the future. Something ELSE will have to inform the Koran. Or the Koran will have to break the backbone of the United States. That is the politically incorrect message I want to present to you here.

    Israel and the United States in alliance are going to have to contend and subdue Islam. In other words, cut its nuts off so it walks funny. It is inevitable and certain. We have entered into the arena of that struggle. We are in it NOW at the turn of this new century. The Temple will only be rebuilt when that struggle reaches its final crisis. We are going to see that crisis in OUR lifetimes. It is coming.

    One side or the other is going to be absolutely defeated and removed utterly from history.

    The Temple will be rebuilt. A Great War is coming. I think the Koran is going down the greasey pole. This contest is no ordinary one. The Legends will be played out in our lifetimes. The obscure prophecies of three thousand years will finally come about in temporal reality.

    Mankind is going to be measured.

    Listen to me. Recent advances in the social Sciences provide us with a fascinating window into the interactions of complex societal values, wealth, and politics. All of us here on this blogger board represent various positions and viewpoint in the interpretation of that data. Each of you is Everyman. And I am among your number.

    The discrepancies between wealth and prosperity that we see in the world today are the result of CHOICES, active and passive, of mankind’s millions both institutionally and as individuals. These discrepancies will have to be resolved. The unrest, frustration, and raw violence we have in the world are the result of these discrepancies. The world is growing more and more complex and more and more prosperous. But it is not becoming happier or wiser.

    The West has the edge on both materialistic prosperity and the means of Power. It will not lose this edge. Islam has the greater balance of failures and frustrations. These frustrations and failures are the results of Islam’s personal choices for centuries past. They represent a vast deposit of values which have decayed and now have little value in a modern world. Islam is rotting from the inside out. Islam may be dying, It may be that Islam is so sick it can not recover. The present wars will see if this prognosis is true. Bin Laden lashing out at America and the ‘infidel’ Westerner, and the rise of Islamofascism since the 1950’s are symptoms of this sickness and decay within Islam.

    As Nations pass from the Third World to the First World their individual freedoms increase and their well-being and prosperity advance. Their economic, scientific and technological development accelerates. Now, Democracy is the result of Economic advancement. There can be no democracy in a healthy form without a certain level of economic success. Economic success produces Democracy not the other way around.

    Democracy in Iraq will not succeed in the long run without economic success. Democracy is always insecure without either POWER or money to support its existence. At present Iraq and Afghanistan have the United Sates as their security… Democracy can grow where that security is present.

    Remove American power from the equation and the Islamic world will collapse back into a morass of vicious feudalistic anarchy and dictatorship which is the inevitable crown of Islam.

    Islam, in and of itself, has no answers to the modern world. It simply cannot compete with our free, modernist and humanist Western Civilization. It will either have to be “reformed”, which is against the Koran…or it will have to die. The world can not live with Islam. It is too sick.

    It will be both costly and DANGEROUS to expect Democracy to answer the sickness of Islam. The rule of Law does not exist in the barbarism and savagery of a Sharia reality. It is too rotten and primitive to govern a modern environment.

    Listen to me. The Destinies of Nations are determined far more by their economic Dynamism than by the vagaries of War, culture, or politics. The current American hegemony underwritten by the military might of the United States is no historical accident. This is my own voice speaking to you.

    History teaches that the fate of all great world Empires has been decay and downfall, but this will not occur with the United States until other Nations SURPASS American economic productivity AND take an equal to superior interest in PROJECTING Power. There is actually going to be a new Empire established over the next century.

    You need to think about this if you intend to dominate the future of Mankind. This is the beginning of my essay…begun this Christmas Day 2004.

  • Faust

    I made cocounut fudge brownies and some Tea just now. I have a film on the new portable DVD player. I will sleep late and fix myself a ham dinner tomorrow. I have done all my Christmas giving. That is done. People here in the mountains got coats and shoes and I passed out tools and toys also. It is enough.

    I like the quiet. I will be posting a long list of essays about the first of the year. I am doing a lot of writing and will put it up on the site a few at a time. I will be talking about Economic history in the West and a panorama of the last fifty years in American Foreign Policy. I will be making references to the present situation in the Middle East.

    We are going to win this war, gentlemen. The Arab world simply does not stand a chance against us. They are pissing in the wind. They have no more ability to change what is going to happen to them than the Sioux or the Cheyenne.

    The end result will be much the same. The ones who adapt will become part of our culture. Those that do not will wind up marginalised and pushing brooms. Their culture is doomed.

    How long will troops be in Iraq? About as long as we had troops in Germany. Think big.

  • Faust

    One extra read for those who are interested….

    I was young once. Forty years ago or more. I was young once. I say it and I don’t believe it really. It was so long ago.

    Atilingam was a middleaged Bengali, a career NCO, hard, silent, watchful. His name was a proper pious Hindu monicker which translated out as “righteous Penis” which was one of the attributes of the Hindu god Shiva. I nicknamed him “Mr. Everhard”. He was a stolid companion and knew how to shoot, just like his name.

    As we cut across the paddys north of Jessore it was an incredible day..dust, crowds, and flickering beams of light beneath the great clouds..the air gold and emerald. The people in the villages shouted,” Joi Bangla! Joi Bangla!” as we drove through. The city was almost ready to fall, we were winning and everyone knew the war was almost over. All we had to do was take Dacca. Victory was almost here. Just one more fight, the big one, and the war was going to be over.

    I was sure great quantities of food supplies, rice, dried milk, flour, etc. would be airlifted into Dacca from all over the world. If I could put in a claim for the Relief Service in Waldo’s name we could get the Army to help us guard and distribute it before the local grafters and black market got at it or red tape tied it up in knots. I could organize a distribution system that would work. But first I had to be there, in Dacca, with the Army. I had to be first, before anyone else.

    The roads were a problem in places, but the Indian Army engineers were putting in bridges and repairing ferry facilities as we made our advance. We got to the outskirts of Jessore before dark, asking directions from backed up Army motor units parked everywhere on the roads. Word had it that the surrender of the city was to be expected the next morning, but no one seemed to know how it was planned to come off. Some Pakistanis were still fighting here and there either out of stupidity or lack of communication..or because it was impossible to surrender to the Bahini and still hope to walk away with your genitals in order. Ati and I kept pushing until we were actually entering the edge of the city.

    When we got into the city it was a section that appeared to be abandoned. It was industrial warehouses and narrow rubble strewn streets. There looked to have been heavy fighting here already, we could see pock marks in the cement faces of the buildings from rifle fire. The place was quieter than the stroke of twelve in a cemetary. Being there was a bad mistake. You could feel it.

    Both Ati and I felt the same way. I got my 9mm. Greaser out near the gear shift where I could reach it. Ati put the BAR ( Browning light machinegun) on his knee and sat up straight and intent. I drove.

    We saw a figure dart into a side street. Both of us went rigid. I slammed on the brakes and Ati was out and up against the wall with the BAR aimed into the dark alley after the figure’s exit.

    After a moment Ati called out for the figure to come out and be seen. A voice answered from back in the shadows. It sounded like a kid. I had left the engine running and slipped out too. I took a position across the street from Ati and got up against a wall. In the silence of my sweat I could hear the click as Ati took his safety off.

    Ati called,” Come out Baha Ao, we will not hurt you. We are Indian Army.” The voice answered they were Mukhti Bahini and not to shoot. First one figure appeared in the shadows. A kid. We didn’t move. Another figure. Another kid. I watched Ati swivel the gun around to bear on the boys.

    I called out to the boys,”Namaste, Jawans!”. They grinned at being called soldiers and started swaggering toward us. They did not seem threatening. We let them come out into the light and Ati stood on one side of the street and I stood on the other. Amateur kids. Although they had to have killed somebody to have gotten their guns. Beginners though..

    Ati and I were both in cover and they were between us in the street.

    I took a second look at these lads. Hard-eyed little bastards. Twelve to fifteen years old. Each had what appeared to be an old Police Webley pistol, the sort that have lanyards on the butt..old break revolvers from the time of the Brits. Police arsenal weapon..these kids got the guns from a police arsenal. Bet that was nice. An assault on a police arsenal, beats going to school I suppose.

    I could see the boys were afraid, but they wanted to look to us for direction. They had been doing the fighting, but it really was over their heads. Still, they were deadly little snakes, I could see that.

    I called them over and raised my eyes to Ati who stood back and above where he could cover them. I flattered them, called them heroes, asked them how they came by their pistols and agreed with their inflated exploits. They
    were lucky to be alive. They were little looters, scavengers, murderers and in their place!

    I asked them how long they had been in this area? What had they seen. I asked if there were any other armed groups nearby and where were the Paks?

    They had some interesting news. Ati and I were all ears. The boys said that Moslem militia units loyal to the Paks held this part of the city using abandoned vehicles and machineguns mounted on jeeps and trucks. They raided the countryside and parts of the city still disputed by the Bahini. I looked at Ati and said,”Dacoits..Bandits” He nodded. Nice, I thought. We were in the shit!

    The boys claimed to be a Bahini patrol sent to recon the area and had come in the night before on orders to contact advancing Indian Army patrols, if they found any. Great. I looked at Ati again. He just shook his head. Time to get the hell out!

    The boys were probably lying about themselves for half of it, but telling the truth about the Goon militia. The boys were just little dogs looking for scraps. But we might run into the big dogs at any time.

    As if on cue we heard a truck, maybe they heard our jeep. Sound carried a long way in those empty alleys. The boys went one way and Ati and I jumped in our jeep and threw it in gear, backing to turn out of there. A rifle round smacked into the cement wall on the far side of the street and a whole burst of rounds tore across the pavement. Spangbap! zip! zip! zip! zing! dingggg!

    I could see the truck cutting off the exit to the street about a hundred yards away. Somebody in the cab had a rifle and somebody in the back had an automatic pistol.

    Ati and I grabbed our ammo belts and bailed out of the jeep fast. Quick as bunnies we were into the shelter of the buildings.Looking back we saw a jeep with a .30 caliber coming up the alley on the left. Ati took the first floor and I took a window on the next floor up. The kids ran back across the street to get away from the approaching jeep. The goons had finally found us. Their machinegun mounted jeep pulled up to the curb next to our jeep.

    I really think the assholes never realized we were armed. That, or they thought they were facing those kids and not us. But who knows what they really thought. They had been shooting Hindu civilians so long it never entered their goddamned minds that someday they might meet something different. They had been shooting at Bahini who were untrained.. and never thought they would run into men like Ati and myself. We just waited for them to come in close. Ati and I knew that the goons were already in so close to us now that they were already dead. Grim shit. Because we weren¹t exactly going to send them off to Allah with a smile and a kiss.

    The .30 cal on the jeep was a single pod open mount with one man standing and another driving. Ati shot out all the tires and blew the driver all over the dashboard. I nailed the dumb bastard on the pod twice in the neck and the back of his head came out his nose.

    Dead silence when the firing stopped. Just one long burst from Ati and a quick couple of pops from me. Shake your peg and put it back in your pants.

    The whole place was silent. Then that goon truck back down the street broke the silence by pouring on the coal and hauling hard out of there. We heard it cranking in third until it was out of hearing. I looked down from the window at the jeep the goons had been driving. It was sitting on its hubs with glass everywhere and the driver even moreso. My patsy was laying in the gutter with his legs wide apart and his head looking like a spilled bowl of red Chilli.

    The boys came back and we left them to collect trophies. Ati and I checked the corpses for papers and the jeep for anything that might tell us about their unit, but we didn’t stay long enough to say any prayers. As fast as we could we got back out of Jessore and close to our own Army advance. We drove until we could hear the clank of tank treads. Ati and I didn’t say anything to one another. I lit a cigarette and put it between his lips while he drove.

    The next day the city fell.

    A long time ago.

  • T. J. Madison

    >>The end result will be much the same. The ones who adapt will become part of our culture. Those that do not will wind up marginalised and pushing brooms. Their culture is doomed.

    I just can’t resist:

    “We will add your biological and technological
    distinctiveness to our own.
    Your culture will adapt to service ours.
    Resistance is futile.

    Freedom is irrelevant;
    Self-determination is irrelevant;
    You must comply.

    Strength is irrelevant.
    Death is irrelevant.
    Your defensive capabilities
    are unable to withstand us.

    Resistance is futile.
    Your life, as it has been, is over.
    From this time forward, you will service us.”

  • James

    “We will add your biological and technological
    distinctiveness to our own.
    Your culture will adapt to service ours.
    Resistance is futile….”

    In other words, All your base are belong to us? 🙂

  • Faust

    Europe Is Broke, Old, Ugly and Don’t Get Me Started on How She Smells.

    The real meaning behind the initiative by the United States to put new life and direction into NASA and make a colony on the moon for further research on a manned landing on Mars is that the US is going to DOMINATE Space. And if you think the United States is doing all that for simple ‘scientific” research you grunt and eat bananas.

    The United States is going to pull ahead of the rest of the world and will have absolutely NO contenders in Outer Space in another fifteen to twenty years. And the United States will make sure that they NEVER have any contenders in Space.

    By 2015 the US will be able to launch strikes from Space to hit ANYPLACE on earth within ten minutes. And no one anywhere will be able to strike back or defend themselves from such strikes. THAT is the real meaning about Pres. Bush’s Space Initiative.

    Going to the Moon is all well and good, and going to Mars is our show also. And while Europe sent a lander to Mars that cost a whole lot of money and SMACKED right into the surface of Mars and never sent back a single signal except “Hey, we blew it and aren’t in the running anymore.”So much for Europe.

    Europe is broke, old, ugly and don’t get me started on how she smells. They aren’t having babies and the Moslems are all over the place in Europe and the Europeans are due for some serious Dhimmi in about twenty years. They have it coming. They don’t fight, they won’t fight, and they are totally pussified by choice.

    The United States has TWELVE Aircraft Carriers and their Battle Groups and is building a thirteenth. Out military spending is only three percent of our GNP and we are still ten times bigger than any other nation on earth for raw military power. We are capable of extending that power quickly and efficiently anyplace on Earth and can handle more than one Front if we have to do so. The United States can fight two wars at the same time. We are building three new Armored mechanized Divisions and we can turn out more, and we don’t even need the draft yet.

    No one on earth has our power or is liable to get anything approaching it any time soon.

    We can IGNORE the pansies in Continental Europe if they force us to do so. We can leave them to dangle in the wind. Their French style 30 hour work week heavily bureaucratized economies are feeble and limp. They can’t compete and they have ceased to produce technology and science while dwelling in the past when they still had something to contribute. They are old and getting older and they don’t really matter much in making history. This trend will continue.

    The United States is the Initiative of History, we have a vibrant economy and a sound plan for the coming Century. We are going to pave the Middle East and control it end to end. We will introduce our culture and our values. It will take the entire century, but by the time this century comes to an end the US will have achieved every victory worth having and will have a defacto Empire on the planet Earth.

    China, to fully industrialize, needs Oil. The US bases across Central Asia will confirm and confine US strategic approaches to any OIL that China requires. China has to have Oil and the only way she can get it is to project her power into those regions that have it. The US is already astride those regions and China will never have any opportunity to enter there unless the United States agrees to an economic arrangement with China. All the Oil China needs must come by the Sea lanes which the US fleets dominate as well. China will not start any wars with such a strategic disadvantage both on Earth and in Space. China will cut a deal and the US will effectively have a thermostat on Chinese Industrialization. In the coming centuries the US will make China rich and prosperous, the Moslem religion will never spread to China and between the US and China the Asian continent will become a powerhouse that builds what the US contracts and invents.

    The Moslem Jihad never stood a chance. It never stood a military chance because it never stood a cultural or economic chance. The present “War on Terrorism” will be vague enough to mean anything political that the US needs it to mean. And ultimately it will mean Islam gets it in the ass even though this will never be the published agenda. It will become the fait accompli agenda. There will be more wars in the Middle East that the US will participate in. And Iran is next on the agenda. The ally of the US, Israel, will probably inherit the job as manager of the takings.

    There will be no challengers to United States hegemony. The United States will dominate the world militarily from strategic quality and quantity both on Earth and in the Heavens. The Paradise of the Koran is NEVER going to happen. The Islamic faith by the end of the century will begin to collapse and it only needs one or two generations of serious decline and no new converts and the younger generation being secularized to turn the fervor of Jihad into small town Methodists who do anything they please and make their own name for it. And the name for Islam will be “who cares?” and “Pablum for Abdrool”.

    The United States will watch as Europe inherits its just desserts and begins to fester and stink. We will eventually reintroduce ourselves as Corporations into their economies and take care of the mess, poverty, and failing old folks homes. Europe will be a basket case eventually and the US will pick up the pieces , such as are profitable, and flush the rest.

    And we will cross the solar system by the end of the century the same way we are going to criss-cross the whole world. The future of Earth is American, our power and our values. Don’t like it? Tough…

    Those prissy effete Continental Europeans fear the United States and know in their bones what they are and where they are headed. They are afraid. They have as much chance as the Moslems have. It isn’t a matter of WHAT will happen, that is certain. What remains is how fast the United States can put mayonnaise on your sorry ass and slap you in a sandwich.

    Within fifteen years the United States will have the SOLE capability to launch strikes anywhere on the Platenetary globe within ten minutes. We will do this from permanent Trojan Points Orbiting Bases. If you don’t know what that is then look it up. We are the Science Fiction reality. You read about it, we DO it. There will not be a square inch of the planet we can not target if necessary. None of you will have this ability and we will see you never attain it. Abdul and the Magic Kingdom of Saud will never build bases on the Moon, and neither will the Frogs. But we will.

    The resources of the Solar System will be developed and presented for your use through our technologies and our corporations. You will never enter into our domains except with our co-operation. Any effort you make in Outer Space will require our help and approval.

    We will explore the entire Solar System and develope its potential unimpeded. Within two more centuries we will have Star Drive. The technological means to leave our Solar System and begin to explore our galaxy. You will have glorious museums of past culture and tourists will marvel at the world as it once existed. But the modern world will be dominated by the United States.

    Europe is growing old and is dribbling at both ends. Its birth rate is collapsing. You do not breed enough to provide enough population to replace your death rate. You have allowed Moslems to Colonise you. Europe is 10% Moslem and the Europeaan population is not having babies because you do not reproduce the way you should. You are too busy being “Cool” to have babies. You have better things to do than have children. Kids get in the way of your materialistic pursuits and glorious careers. Am I right?

    The Moslems are having babies and you aren’t. In France alone, one in three babies born today is of Moslem descent. By the year 2020, half of all people in Holland 18 years old and younger will be Moslem. They are out breeding you. What do you think will happen to Holland’s freedoms and secular democracy, its liberal tollerant society when half the population carries the Koran and believes in Sharia Law. What happened to Theo Van Gogh is only the start of it. The Dutch will become Dhimmis in their own country.

    Moslems will own your culture and your governments in thirty more years. You will never get rid of the Moslems but they will get rid of you.

    They will get rid of your culture and your world will be LUCKY to be in a museum. Because the Moslems bring dictatorships and corruption and intolerance and crime. And if your Police can not keep your cities from civil unrest and your politicians can’t be suborned or bought you don’t have a prayer.

    By the year 2026 there is going to be a Great War. It will be greater than the First World War and the Second World War combined. And it will happen to YOU.

    Are you listening to what I am saying?

    It will happen in Europe. And most European nations don’t have an effective military force. Most are token armies who’s soldiers would drop their hair-nets and run away at the slightest hint of conflict. All except maybe Britain.


    Islam is a cancer and you have it growing in your own backyard. The inevitability of war is certain. I am just being realistic.

    You can call what I say what you like. You can call me a deluded fool if you want. The facts are right there and you are as blind as they were before WW2. You were so sure the War would never come and you died by the tens of millions. Hardly any of your European countries today is the same regime it was then. But ours is.

    We helped bring down the Soviet Union and we will bring down Islam.

    Iran is an “Islamic” government. Syria is a Ba’athist government. I am just telling you what you see in the news every day and have not put two and two together. These are not random events. They are PLANNED events and the United States means to win.

    The things you see in the news are not things to be conprehended in local context.

    Iraq is not just Iraq. Iraq is what the entire Middle East is going to become. From one end to the other. Take a good look at Fallujah, THAT is Iraq. And the CONTEXT is that the United states will be there for FIFTY YEARS and that you will either do what we want or you will eat your bloody guts.

    It is just beginning, It is going to get worse. We have all this new century to play this conflict out.

    OF COURSE, what I am saying is painful to hear. But it will NOT go away. You are not living in a safe world. OF COURSE you don’t like me. I am telling you the Truth.