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If you value your freedom, reject this sinister ID card

The Guardian issues a rallying cry:

To be anonymous, to go privately, to move residence without telling the authorities is a fundamental liberty which is about to be taken from us. People may not choose to exercise this entitlement to privacy, or see the point of it, but once it’s gone and a vast database is built, eventually to be accessed by every tentacle of the government machine, we will never be able to claw it back. We are about to surrender a right which is precious, rare even in western democracies, and profoundly emblematic of our culture and civilisation. And what for? The government advances arguments of necessity, raising the threats of terrorism, organised crime, benefit fraud and illegal immigration.

We must not imagine that respect for individual liberty is innate to the British establishment. With this bill, the government is attempting to change for ever the relationship between the individual and the state in the state’s favour. Those who treasure liberty must not let it pass.

Hear, hear.

2 comments to If you value your freedom, reject this sinister ID card

  • Great site, something Ive been arguing for ages with people recently with mixed reactions, nice to know others care about our liberties.

    btw, any chance you could activate full text on the RSS save firing up the webpage off every link?

    Cheers, Nick

  • This is a superb Guardian editorial. Nice to see their (classical) liberal side coming through.