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Utterly incredible

I have just got back from seeing The Incredibles, the computer animation movie about a family of superheroes and superheroines. I have read good things about this film and was not in the least bit disappointed. It proceeds at a crackling good pace, is often extremely funny, includes some rather clever and sly digs at America’s litigation culture, and is endowed with a wonderfully positive, life-affirming sense of life throughout. It also has great, brassy backing music.

To state the obvious, what really stunned me was just how good computer animation now is. Some of the scenes in the jungle, the big city and the sea just took my breath away. It is easy to get blase these days, given just how good film making now is, but this film goes even further than that other great animation hit of recent years, Finding Nemo.

Go and see it. You know you want to.

4 comments to Utterly incredible

  • mike

    Yeah I went to see the Incredibles on saturday night as well, it really was just – rather good! I especially like the dialogue actually; the family arguments are brilliant! And the little lad punching the guard while dodging his punches was hilarious..!

  • It currently has a 96% positive rating on “Rotten Tomatoes”. Ratings that high are extremely rare.

  • There are some great themes in this movie. The notion of saying everyone is special “is just another way of saying no-one is” cropped up a couple of times. And I particularly enjoyed the scene in which, after a series of traumatic events, the mother tells the kids to pull themselves together and deal with it (rather than rushing them off to counseling sessions)!

  • Amelia

    Mom and I went on Saturday after exhausting overselves contributing to the health of the economy. It was great. My favorite line was something like “they are finding more and more ways to reward mediocrity.”