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Some time a picture is worth a thousand words…



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7 comments to Some time a picture is worth a thousand words…

  • Wm

    Is that one of the wasp-swallowing BBC reporters posing for the DNC?

  • drscroogemcduck

    The hard left has already found its narrative for this election. It looks like the exit pollers “overweighted” a certain demographic and skewed the results. The exit pollers then fiddled with the weightings to correlate the polls with the results coming in. The Democratic Underground and Kos are now saying there has been a conspiracy between the exit pollers and the vote counters (Diebold computers included) to change the election result. Expect this to be included in Moore’s next movie about how Bush stole this election.



  • The left will spin that Conservative lickspittle Drudge called it for Kerry, which led to others calling it for Kerry and Kerry voters relaxing and staying at home – cunning eh?

    I shall be gloating for four more years of dinner parties where usually I have been the lone Kerry hater at London’s dining tables. And I bet against him with all takers, including the missus… Happy days…

  • I think the Democrats would abort the baby.

  • When Kerry called Bush to concede, he said he hoped that GWB would reach out to Democrats, to bring a divided nation together.

    As Adam Yoshida put it, that’s Democrat-speak for “You’ve won. Now surrender to us.”

    Bollocks. Considering all the lies and venom spewed by Democrats for the past five years, it’s time THEY started making nicey-nicey to Republicans.

    I also note with satisfaction that all Democrat talk of eliminating the Electoral College has disappeared, after GWB somehow managed to squeak by with a 3.5 million majority and a 52% margin.

    Now the real work begins: to eliminate income taxes, and to get the United States out of the UN.

  • Bob

    Wow, you people are scary. Re-affirms my decision not to be affiliated with any political party.

  • SeW

    The little dancing elephant is priceless! How does one acquire such a thing?