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Crooked and killer French Socialists say “Non!”

TF1, a French TV station carries this [link disabled] video report of a debate within France’s Socialist Party, concerning the ratification of the EU Constitution. Two campaigning websites each for and against are listed.

The ‘No’ camp is split with supporters of Henri Emmanuelli on the one hand, a corrupt politician who’s main claim to fame was his position as Treasurer of the Socialist Party when many of its leading figures were being caught stealing public funds to finance the Party. On the other side are supporters of Laurent Fabius, part of what was once the reformist wing of the Socialist Party (in the mid 1980s). Fabius himself of course is one of the blood contamination killers, four Socialist politicians who allowed HIV infected blood to be used in blood transfusions, leading to the contamination of as many as 2,000 French haemophilliacs or half the total French haemophilliac population. I seem to recall that there was a screening method that was delayed, on the grounds of cost. Naturally, the politicians escaped punishment, other than a token criminal conviction for “involuntary homicide”.

Details of the campaigning sites can be found here.

Sadly, with champions like this, the credibility of a “Non!” campaign would be somewhat stretched. Even in France.

7 comments to Crooked and killer French Socialists say “Non!”

  • I’ve crossposted to Combat(Link), the French resistance site opposing the EU constitution.

  • Susan

    Blimey, are all French politicians embezzlers? They seem to turn them out faster than Champagne.

  • Uh. The AIDS test was delayed for the most French of reasons.

    It was an American test.

    It took the French another 6 to 12 months after the American test was available to get the French test operational.

    Ant-Americanism kills.

  • What suprises me is that such corrupt politicians should be anti European Union. They could have had bright careers in Brussels. One of them could even have replaced Neil Kinnock.

  • Andrew Duffin

    When speaking of French politicians, the word “corrupt” is redundant.

  • Sylvain Galineau

    are all French politicians embezzlers It’s hard to tell. But a lot of embezzlers are also French politicians. Of course, the same politicians tell their constituents that they shouldn’t be jumping to hasty conclusions. And, amazingly, they comply.

  • freddy

    yeah i think so it was an american test.but i don’t exactly remember the ending then.