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A message to our American readers…

…Thanks smiley_grinning_green.gif

14 comments to A message to our American readers…

  • Verity

    Seconded! Happy turkey!

  • Does England have an equivalent holiday? I know Canada does.

    And, well, you’re welcome! And thank *you* for writing!

  • Pete_London


    We have no equivalent of Thanksgiving. But there was plenty of giving thanks by me in the pub after your recent election and there will be again if Blair loses the next election.

    Fill yer boots.

  • As an American stuck on your island this Thanksgiving, I appreciate the sentiment.

  • Gareth Russell

    That took me a while to work out what was going on. 😉 Enjoy your “Thanksgiving”.

  • John

    Thank you, U.K.

  • Tony

    Yeah – happy thanksgiving people! (about an hour to go here…)

  • James

    As my first Thanksgiving actually living here, a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  • Della

    Does England have an equivalent holiday? I know Canada does.

    We do have a Thanksgiving, I think it is the same day as the Canadian Thanksgiving in October but we don’t really celibrate it.

  • Believe me, Samizdata, It’s my pleasure. I just read the article in the Independent about the cop-stop, and it sounds like you guys had better stir up as much shit as possible about this.

    Frankly, I think American cops might be even meaner, but they don’t (yet) have such lame offenses to prosecute, and they certainly don’t have non-cops who can make arrests or issue citations. Stop this before somebody gets the bright idea to copy it!

  • Pete_London


    My reason for saying that we don’t have an equivalent of the US’ Thanksgiving is that it exists because of the Pilgrims’ survival. If we have an equivalent let me know. I’m always willing to raise my glass in shared celebration with the USA in front of my liberal friends. A cheap pleasure, but still a pleasure.

  • Verity

    Ha ha, Pete! Yes, confounding liberals is a true sport, with as much pleasure being afforded the spectators as to the players.

    On N American Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims survived their first few years in a country in which they couldn’t identify any of the the crops and didn’t know how to grow them, thanks to the help of the Native Americans, who shared their harvest with them and showed them how to grow things. In Europe, we are the natives.

    I think it is the American holiday least sullied by commercialism. No one is expected to buy anyone a Thanksgiving gift, and there is such a sense of warmth and sharing the wealth at Thanksgiving dinners. I don’t eat turkey and I think pumpkin pie is another name for ’emetic’ but I love Thanksgiving dinners all the same.

  • diablo blanco

    Thank you Samizdata. I have no like-minded friends here in Athens, Georgia, though the friends I do have I am grateful for, leftists though they may be. (My county was a dot of blue in a sea of red after this last election, to the chagrine of my neighbors, ha!) Of all the libertarian websites I go to, this one is by far my favorite. When I have occasion to discuss something my libertarian “friends” have said, it is to all of you that I refer. Cheers!