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Yet another Blogger Bash…

Blogging may be a bit light tonight (or not) as there is a Samizdata.net Blogger Bash at Samizdata HQ tonight…

We shall be trying to impress a certain Texan blogger with Chili Con Chelsea!

10 comments to Yet another Blogger Bash…

  • Mike

    Chili con Chelsea? Gak. It might have been better to be a little less specific and instead call it chili con cerdo largo.

    By the way, how was it?

  • You could all come ‘en masse’ to Adelaide; I’m still up and at em all, you know….

    so speaks the Samizdatista from the Outer Rim…

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: Perry de Havilland
    RE: Talk about October ‘Surprise’

    “Chili Con Chelsea!” — PdH

    This sounds scary to me. Does it include ‘fish’? Shellfish might work, provided they’re still in the shell. True grit, a la Brit and all. What?

    I think I’ll stick to the strip steak with Canadian steak rub tonight.



  • Chuck Pelto

    P.S. Is Chelsea a form of shellfish? Or have you REALLY butchered the former president’s daughter? “con” meaning “with”. Or, perhaps there is some tart you were going to surprise this Texan with?

  • Things not to do with a Texan:

    Play poker
    Take away his gun
    Try to impress him with your chili

    (Any Texan, even an African-American immigrant like Kim, knows that real chili doesn’t have any beans in it.)

  • Tag darn it, I miss one measley blogger bash and it turns out to be the one you invited Kim du Toit to???

  • edinborough

    Du Toit is larger than life. But doesn’t his name sound slightly obscene?

  • Tim

    “But doesn’t his name sound slightly obscene?”

    No, it’s pronounced ‘doo TOY’ (unless he’s Americanised it).

  • Alas due a communication cock-up, Kim was not able to make it… but we had more than an adequate quorum for a major Blogger Bash and so we drank Kim and Connie’s health and partied on regardless.

  • Tim Haas

    Re the pronunciation: That’s good to know. I always thought ‘doo twah’ looked suspiciously French.