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Samizdata quote of the day

I won’t live in a country where people aren’t allowed to call me a fag
Brian Tiemann

With thanks to Steven Den Beste for the pointer

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  • Hey all you leftist Canadian bureaucrats. You’re a bunch of fifis.** Come and get me.

    **In America, or at least to me, “fifi” is a pejorative which means “poodle.” You know, a noisy, snooty, Frenchified lapdog that can’t get along with anybody except for other poodles.

  • Neuroto

    Do you mean to say you’ve heard from skipper of the USS Clueless?

    He’s a treasure, and I hope you would be able to influence him to write about something besides anime series on DVD which feature the heart-tugging adventures of adolescent girls who wear tight uniforms, or schoolgirl outfits with baggy socks.

    The Captain’s shut himself away in his Ready Room for weeks now. One can begin to discern the rumblings of disharmony aboard this ship.