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Justice delayed is justice denied

At long last the shooting death by police of a man ‘armed’ with a table leg has been ruled an ‘unlawful killing’. It has been a damning indictment for so many years a couple servants of the state can gun an innocent man down in cold blood with impunity whilst at the same time other British subjects are denied the right to legitimate self-defence in any meaningful sence.

We have written before about the killing of Harry Stanley in September 1999 and I can only hope now that not only will the perpetrators of this act face prosecution for murder, the careers of everyone who worked to prevent charges being brought in the first place will will come to an absupt end, as an absolute minimum, and if there is any evidence that there were attempts to pervert the course of justice, then additional charges will be forthcoming higher up the chain of command.

It is a national disgrace that it has taken this long for the family of Harry Stanley to see anything even approaching the first glimmer of justice.

6 comments to Justice delayed is justice denied

  • GCooper

    Yes, and your second demand – that those who squat behind the machinery that has denied investigation and prosecution of the offenders, also face justice – is absolutely vital.

    This has been a scandalous case, and not an isolated one. There was another legalised murder in Hastings a couple of years ago.

  • Dr Andrew Reid, the coroner, backed a recommendation from the commission for research into when officers challenge “special population groups”, including those impaired by alcohol, as Mr Stanley was.

    Fantastic news: drunks now count as a minority group in PC circles…

  • Pete_London

    “special population groups”, including those impaired by alcohol?

    What the bloody hell is a special population group? According to the coroner I must be a member of a ‘special population group’ for half of each week.

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: Pete_London
    RE: Special Population Groups

    “What the bloody hell is a special population group? According to the coroner I must be a member of a ‘special population group’ for half of each week.” — Pete_London

    Targets? Perhaps?


    [God made men. Colt made men equal. The British Parlilment decided to ‘re-level’ the ‘playing field’.]

  • Guy Herbert

    It seems that the non-job may not be permitted to criticise, however. See here.

  • ThePresentOccupier

    I see that several of their SO19 colleagues are so up-in-arms (no pun intended) about the subsequent suspensions that they have handed in their firearms.

    I am delighted at this move in combatting gun crime and negligent discharges by removing firearms from undertrained thugs.