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The perpetually offended strike again

One of the downmarket rags that sullies the newsstand on Sunday mornings here in Britain, The People, reports on a story that is so absurd that I would think it an urban legend if I had not read the official reaction to it. A man who works for Southern Railways and scrawls a daily joke on a whiteboard at Hove Station in order to cheer up miserable commuters has been suspended from his job, pending an official investigation. Why? Because one of his jokes was about a dyslexic who went to a toga party dressed as a goat. According to a Southern Railways official:

We had three complaints in two hours. Certain people do find things offensive and you have to be very careful these days. Some people might have found it amusing but we have to cater for all our customers.

Yes, “certain people” definitely make it their business to be offended by things. Howsabout ignoring them and catering for the customers who find it offensive that Southern Railways could be so incredibly silly? Another rail official tried to justify the suspension and investigation thusly:

It is something that could contravene our equal opportunities policy.

This is not “political correctness gone mad”. It is madness masquerading as corporate responsibility.

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