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Samizdata Quote of the Day

“What they have done is despicable and we will not allow it to rest – the countryside will become a no-go area for Labour ministers.”

Countryside Alliance spokesman Tim Bonner following the decision of Cabinet Minister Alun Michael to pull out of an appearance in rural Lancashire over fears for his safety.

7 comments to Samizdata Quote of the Day

  • Outrageous. Labour ministers spend most of their time in the countryside. No wait…

  • Guy Herbert

    What I can’t understand is that the reason New Labour ministers suddenly want to go to the countryside is to celebrate the completion of “the right to roam”, a vast expropriation of landowners, and there’s NO protest about that.

  • Walter Wallis

    Perhaps someone should trap a few dozen foxes every week or so and release them in nice suburban communities to feast on cats and dogs.

  • Walter, I’d rather trap a few dozen Labour MPs and have them eaten by foxes.

  • ian

    I thought there were already more foxes in towns and cities than in the countryside.

  • John Harrison

    Let the countryside ring with the sound of ministers being hounded wherever they go!

  • Guy Herbert

    “… release them in nice suburban communities to feast on cats and dogs.”

    ? Not very likely. Foxes are small shy animals, and prefer helpless, witless prey such as beetles, abandoned lambs, or backbench MPs.