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Every dollar spent in a libertarian society on public goods will accomplish far more than a dollar spent by the welfare state. So even if a free society spends less money, it is far from clear that it will perform less charity.

– Patri Friedman, Catallarchy

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  • M. Simon

    My thanks to who ever fixed the code.

    I was about to drop you from my daily list (huge loss to me) because of the unreadable format.

    Thanks again.


  • As far as the taxpayer is concerned, every dollar “spent” on welfare/public assistance type programs should count as two. One for the dollar taken away from a productive taxpayer and another for the unearned dollar he must now compete against for goods and services.

    Just a thought.

  • Rob Read

    Coerced transfers are allways negative sum
    Free market transfers are positive sum

  • What ridiculous rubbish. Friedman’s whole ethics is so completely arbitrary that it actually does not exist in any presentable sense, and it is this fact that makes his horseshit just exactly as valid as the assertions of a Lenin.

    Christ help me on the day when I need a goddamned dink like him anywhere near the case for liberty.