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Samizdata quote of the day

Jackie: “Do you ever make cakes for people?”
Monica: “No… I don’t like people.”

(Overheard at the Big Blog Company ‘open day seminar’ held this evening Samizdata.net HQ)

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • At least Monica is direct. There’s a lot to be said for directness.

    I do like people, in general, in an aimiable sort of way. However, I am not sure that I like people in general enough to make cakes for them. Given the state of my culinary skills, of course, this could be no bad thing.

  • mike

    a humouress variation:

    “do you like people?”
    “not enough to make cakes with them”

  • Pete_London

    My sentiments exactly, Monica. I don’t hide the fact that I’m a grouch and a miserable sod who has no time at all for other people. Give me animals any day. As long as the missus loves me then all’s well in the world. In fact I’m very suspicious of those who proclaim to be a ‘people person’ (whatever it means).

    Bah humbug. Make your own bloody cake.

    Entirely unrelated but excellent news all the same:


  • C

    Perry, thank you very much for posting this up. She told me the cake story this morning as I was leaving for work and it brightened up my day.

    See, I have been admonishing her to write about things she likes as well as things she doesn’t in her blog. A positive post would be good once in a while, and she has been very good so far. Now you have exposed her dirty little secret to the world, maybe she will cook cupcakes for ALL her readers … pink icing for me please …