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Weird things I see on the Internet

I smell blood so i lie and smear chocolate lather on your bare butt after drunks lick a frantic puppy’s bitter, delicate love leg but i say he would use weak honey spray as purple breast wax & drive a smooth finger from my sausage to get juice with enormous power with a delirious boy lusting mad feet sweat through thousands of rusty and elaborate meat gardens yet easy you chant only ugly behind raw produce in their beauty ships so why not sit your shiny white apperatus and crush the tiny hairy symphony of void summer death petalness and shake your luscious tongue you repulsive mother of true peach fluff who said the milk never worshiped the pink rock as i did and my fiddle is singing to drool.

5 comments to Weird things I see on the Internet

  • Hippopotamus Anti-Defamation League

    Watch what you are saying, Buster! There is no evidence that any hippopotamus has ever sat on any one, stung anyone or ever had sympathies for Al Qaeda!

  • Bee

    What? We are not the stinger! You are the stinger! It is the hippo that does the stinging! We have no sting!

  • If I had the wings of angel, if I had the (posterior orifice) of a hippotamus , I’d fly over parliament row and (defecate) on those statists below.

    And you thought pigs flying was unlikely.

  • Is it my imagination, or is that purple winged hippo wearing sunglasses? How crazy is that. Sunglasses!

  • Anointiata Delenda Est


    In a press-release issued today, Kofi says “America must immediately fund my sunglasses program for all hippos, not just purple ones.

    Of course, in the meantime, it is quite all right to kill and eat them – as long as you’re not a white English-speaking male killer and eater. Oh no – they have to be perfect”.