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Positions Vacant

I spend a lot of my time writing a sports minded blog, Ubersportingpundit, which tries to do to sports what Samizdata.net does for economics and politics. Indeed, many of the contributors to this blog also contribute to Ubersportingpundit.

Ubersportingpundit covers the various Australian football codes, cricket, rugby, and UK football. However, I would like to ‘beef up’ the UK football coverage for the coming season. With this in mind, I’d like to invite Samizdata.net readers who have strong views about football and the willingness to express them on at least a weekly basis the opportunity to write for Ubersportingpundit.

I’m not looking for someone to write match reports on Aston Villa vs Charlton Atheletic; I’m more interested in someone writing about David O’Leary’s strategy to take Villa forward on a tight budget and how Alan Curbishley intends to fill the hole left by the sale of Shane Parker to Chelsea.

I am also looking for another cricket correspondent, preferably someone of South Asian background, who will give a different view to the Anglo-Australian cricket coverage that Ubersportingpundit currently supplies. Residence does not matter, but a willingness to cover India, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi cricket issues does.

If you are interested, please drop an email to ‘scott’ at ‘ubersportingpundit.com’. Renumeration is at Samizdata.net rates. (i.e., the goodwill and esteem of the editors!)

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