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New blood in Canada

I recently wrote about Belinda Stronach’s Conservative Party candidacy in Canada. Reader Jim Bennett reports:

“Don’t know if you noticed, but Belinda Stronach did win her seat in Canada. She’ll probably be shadow International Trade minister — a good place for her.”

Canada could use the touch of an Iron Lady. It will be interesting to see if Belinda can grow enough to fill those shoes.

2 comments to New blood in Canada

  • An Iron Lady? No chance. She’s a Red Tory, a “progressive conservative” of the old Joe Clark/Brian Mulroney mould.

    I’ve seen no sign of a clearly articulated agenda, let alone the ideas and forceful arguement of Thatcher before, during or after office.

    In addition, she was only elected by a few hundred votes, 629 to be exact. Her riding is a traditional Liberal one and she’ll have to fight very hard just to keep the riding.

    Gawd knows we need a Thatcher here in Canada. Unfortunately, just because Belinda is a woman and running for the Conservatives does not make her Thatcher material.

  • michaelm

    An Iron Lady? More like Canadas Iron Lady she will fight for our rights. But she seamd not very happy with the Conservatives because her views and ideas are more like a Social Democrat then Conservative. The NDP will benifit from her views and ideas. Jack Layton needs Belinda Stronach in his caucus like yesterday.