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“Many of you are well enough off that… the tax cuts may have helped you. We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

Hillary Clinton, at a San Francisco fundraiser for fellow statist Sen. Boxer.

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  • Hank Scorpio

    Someone needs to remind this shrew that the government doesn’t give us anything. What bizarro world does she inhabit where a tax cut equates to the government giving us money? If the neighborhood bully went from taking $1.00 of my lunch money a day to $.75 a day he’s still taking my goddamned money.

    God help us if Hillary Clinton ever becomes president of the US.

  • I never thought I’d say this, but I gotta give Hillary Clinton props for being honest. At least she can bring herself to admit that she and her fellow thieves are taking things away from us. Of course, the whole “on behalf of the common good” thing is typically insane stuff from her.

  • Don Jeremias

    Always beware anyone whose says they are doing something for “the common good”, especially politicians.

    Could someone please forward Senator Sociopath a basic Economics textbook, the bill of rights, and a copy of Lilecks column from yesterday? How in the hell does she get a notion that it’s the governments money? I hope those attending stared jeering her, but I seriously doubt it.

  • Rob Read

    Ze common good Zeik heil!

    By invoking Godwins’ law I hope I can stop people from raising their blood pressure typing further posts!

  • Byna


    You forgot that the Nazis were actually right-wing lunatics, and they had nothing to do with socialism or communism. nothing what-so-ever.

    Oh, and you had better not compare Hillary to Stalin/Lenin, ’cause everyone knows that the USSR was not communist, it was an economic oligarchy pretending to be communistic.

    Byna, serious or not? You be the judge!

  • Hitler?? no.. But the good Senator Clinton is being very …. French….

  • Senator Clinton graced us on California’s Central Coast with her presence at a packed auditorium at Cal State Univerity Monterey Bay last night. She conversed onstage with former House Rep and Clinton White House Staff chief Leon Panetta, who runs a political studies institute and public affairs lecture program out of the U. She was proud of her vote to authorize Bush to go to Afghanistan and wage war in Iraq, but she tore him and his administration a new one for being “incompetent” in prosecuting the war. Would another President Clinton be any more “competent” in that regard?, ask the dead on both sides in Iraq. Anyway, when she was done pontificating, the standing-room only crowd stood and gave her deafening applause. I wasn’t there, so I still have my hearing. I watched the event via live cablecast on the local access channel. Elsewhere that night Clinton’s husband was being mobbed at Cody’s bookstore in Berkeley, one of many ticketed (sold out!) book signing appearances.

    And you even have to ask what slouches toward Bethlehem, its hour come round at last?

  • Uncle Bill

    Byna —

    Nonsense. The Nazis were to the right of the socialists and they and the comunitsts call them right wing.

    There is a really big but, however, and that is that Hitler and the Nazis were members of the National Socalist Party.

    Lefties, like ours, that like socalism lite where industry is owned by individuals or companies but is in fact run by the government.

    The Nazis intent was to distinguish themsselvs from the internationalist socalists (read comunists).

  • Hillary Clinton’s greatest strength and greatest weakness is she sincerely believes in the paleo-liberal view expressed in this quote, and she is honest enough to just say it, and politically naive enough to just say it.

  • “In order that levelling can really take place, a phantom must first be brought into being, its spirit a monstrous abstraction, an all-embracing something that is Nothing, a mirage – that phantom is the Public.” — Soren Kierkegaard

  • snide

    Gee, thanks Uncle Bill, I am sure no one here actually knew that 😛

    I guess you don’t hang out here much.

  • ernest young

    Obviously Byna didn’t, perhaps the distinction was a tad too subtle for him…

  • Rob Read

    “The anti-America posts I read on BBC are very, very similar to the anti-democracy propaganda of the Chinese communist government: every time something goes wrong with America, people will jump up and shout things like: This is the so-called democracy of America. I think that is more than just biased, that is stupid.
    Zhou Zheng Yi, Shanghai”

    This is the quote of the week from SCBBC “Have your say”!

  • Nancy

    The arrogant, know it all head girl is scolding us for crying because she’s taking the ice cream bowls away. We’ve had enough. Never you mind that she and Headmaster Bill have an industrial size freezer crammed full of the stuff at home – that’s none of our business and entirely beside the point.

    Lexington Green has it right. Cheer her though Berkeley and NYC might, the vast majority of Americans will listen to her, consider whose income she’s going to “redistribute”, figure out it’s theirs and tell her to piss off.

  • georgen


    someone needs to introduce this cat to shillary 🙂

  • Chris Goodman

    How to be a Statist.

    1) If you vote for me I will punish those people whom you envy/disapprove. (We get to decide what is just) [Hate]

    But I don’t want to get those people?

    2) We know what is BEST for people. (We think a free society is a bad idea). [Love]

    Who says you know best? Why should I have to employ you?

    3) Do you want to have a job or not? (We do not approve of a free market) [Power]


    In short it is not so much high motives, by selfless people, who are concerned about your well being, but low motives, by those greedy for power, in order to turn you into a serf.

    Is that what they tell themselves?

    No – They recognise that they are full of hate but blame others, and seek to redeem themselves by obtaining their rightful position as rulers of society, in order to make it better.

    The alternative is

    1) Common Law (Upholds Property Rights)

    2) Free Society (Liberty)

    3) Market Economy (Wealth Generation)

  • Pete(Detroit)

    Nancy, I only hope you’re right. A good friend of mine grew up in Moscow, was there for ‘the end of it all’. I asked her (when her green card arrived, months after the dead terrorist pilot’s) if she was ging to follow through and become a citizen. Deciding that she felt no need to vote or own a gun, she didn’t need to.
    Hillary changed that – Now the russian immogrant wants to vote to help keep ‘that scarey woman’ OUT of the oval office.

  • Pete(Detroit)

    And WHEN will these asshat Dems check the records? I *do* realize it’s counter intuitive, but CUTTING taxes has GENERATED revenue EVERY time it’s been tried.
    Well, here, anyway.

  • The Wobbly Guy

    Pete: Why let a simple matter of facts and numbers get in the way? It’s all manipulated data generated by those evil people who don’t care for the needy!

  • Henri

    Aint that funny? If you vote for me I will take your money for the common good…

  • toolkien

    Whether it’s stating the obvious, or concisely skewering the logic I don’t know.

    How can one state they are taking at large to benefit at large?

    It’s contradictory. The truth has to be taking from one subset and giving to another. There is nothing ‘common’ about it. If it were truly common, the State would not have to interfere. The use of Force benefits a subset (the buyers and sellers of votes – the stealer and the receiver of stolen goods).

    Perhaps there is another view, that benefits are given at large, and so the victim of the theft does receive something, but it is the nature of what they have received, and whose value systems control. It doesn’t do me much good to have my property stolen and receive lupins in return.

  • Kevind

    The Democratic Party is a statist hell.

    And now I guess Kerry (according to Drudge) is considering this Commie Bitch as his Vice Presidential Candidate.

    God help us all.

    When is the earliest I can cast my vote for Bush this fall? I can’t wait.

  • llamas

    Pete (Detroit) wrote:

    ‘Nancy, I only hope you’re right. A good friend of mine grew up in Moscow, was there for ‘the end of it all’. I asked her (when her green card arrived, months after the dead terrorist pilot’s) if she was ging to follow through and become a citizen. Deciding that she felt no need to vote or own a gun, she didn’t need to.
    Hillary changed that – Now the russian immogrant wants to vote to help keep ‘that scarey woman’ OUT of the oval office. ”

    Full props to her.

    While the paperwork is moving, you might want to know that Michigan and Federal laws allow a legal resident alien to possess firearms, including handguns, and Michigan law allows an LRA to obtain a CPL and carry a pistol.



  • Johnathan

    In a way, we ought to be grateful that Hillary C. has expressed her communitarian, looter views so honestly. There can be no ambiguity. As far as she is concerned, the wealth of every individual is, a priori, owned by the collective. If we are prosperous, we should thank big nanny state for our good fortune in being able to hold so much of it.

    Of course, when the likes of Clinton talk of the common good, they never bother to frame it with any precision. It also never occurs to such folk to imagine that the “common good” might be best advanced not by raising taxes, but rather, by rolling back the State.

    Funny, we have spent the past few weeks celebrating the ideas and achievements of Ronald Reagan. It appears that a large segment of American politics still has not learned a lot from the Gipper.

  • John J. Coupal

    “We’re going to take things away from you…”

    What do you mean “We”, white woman?

  • Ben

    Actually I think we should thank Hillary for her candor, and her honesty. By admiting she is for raising taxes, she is ensuring defeat of her party come November. Even if the Republicans are the lesser of two evils, the the lesser evil is still more good than the greater evil.

    Don’t confuse the media with America. The lessons of this month have not be lost on folks. We had Reagan’s funeral which gave us cause to recognize his great acheivements. This was followed by the roll out of Bill Clinton’s book, which gave us cause to reflect on his acheivements, and compare them to his predessor’s. And now this. The contrast is very stark and illuminating.