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Luminaries at Scaled Composites

I am unfortuneately not quite enough of a VIP to make it into the Scaled Composites area, or at least I have not yet seen anyone I know who could get me in. I have heard it is quite an affair… I cannot confirm, but rumour has it Arnold Schwarzenegar is there and perhaps the US Secretary of Transportation. Paul Allen will certainly be there. Oh, and an astronaut flew in, in his NASA T38.

I will just play it by ear this afternoon.

6 comments to Luminaries at Scaled Composites

  • Dale Amon

    Perry: we really need to see what it would take to get the three of us Press Credentials. If I had it I could probably have gotten into the SC press conference that is starting right now.

  • Lewis

    This is why America kicks butt!

    Let the EU-Weenies have their 35-hour work weeks, their preening bureaucrats regulating the size of bananas and the percentage of chocolate in a candy bar; and let them fight about their meaningless, corrupt “Constitution.”

    Just as Henry Ford made owning an automobile possible for an average Joe; the Wright brothers (without any government funds) made aviation a reality; Lindberg and a group of ordinary guys made it possible to fly across the Atlantic; and kids from malls and farms across America are saving Western civilization in battlefields all over the world; good old boy Americans have opened up the highway to the stars for ordinary people.

    God bless freedom!

  • *cough*

    I believe the pilot is a South African.

  • Walter Wallis

    Beautiful! See what free men can do!

    Compare those two itty bitty jet engines on the launch vehicle to the 747 that carries the shuttles.

  • Lewis

    Paul — Don’t cough. I think it’s great if the pilot is South African, just like it’s great that the Governor of California is from Austria; that a Secretary of State was a German Jewish refugee. This is freedom in action. That South African didn’t do this flight in South Africa; Ahnuld could never have become governor in Austria; Dr. K could never have become Foreign Minister in Germany. People come to America from all over the world and do great things.
    Freedom, yes!

  • Yes, scaled composites, one of the very few examples of the Free Market Enterprise that has done somthing enterpriseing and not coercive and dumbed down consumer rort.

    Free Enterprise not Free Market Hegemony