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Live from XCOR

Rand and I arrived at the Mojave Civilian Test Flight Facility about an hour ago and I have had time to run about and snap some candid photos of the crowd at the XCOR hanger. Dr. Pournelle is here, Elon Musk is around somewhere as are others in the commercial space flight field.

I got Jeff Greason’s attention just after an interview and have my network connection sorted from inside the office. Now I must go and be sociable… and Rand is pushing for me to unload the airbed and other stuff from his car. I will try to post more later.

Yes, there will be photos, but not until after I get my film developed on return to Redondo Beach.

2 comments to Live from XCOR

  • zmollusc

    ‘film developed’ what is this, the dark(room) ages?

  • Dale Amon

    Yep. I’s a po’ boy barely making ends meet in Belfast… and after I can home from this trip I will just about *be* in the poor house.