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Two London ladies

Some people do not like having their photos taken by strange strangers… but some love it! These two for example, having a day out in London by the look of it, thoroughly enjoying it, enjoying London and enjoying themselves, and in a state of… mutual support. I took photo number one.


And they said: Oooh! Are you doing us?! Do another one!! So I did.


… and captured another of those characteristic Photography Moments. In the background: the objects of my attention, while in the foreground another Londoner hurries past. Like most people in London he has a purpose. He is going somewhere. He is in too much of a hurry to actually stop, but he is as polite as he can be without seriously interrupting his business and he does not want to get in the way of my business if he can avoid this, so he ducks as he passes. And for once, I get it all: him hurrying and out of focus, and the ladies in focus behind him.

But, one more, eh ladies? And that one comes out okay too. Sometimes everything clicks. Three out of three. This is not my usual hit rate, I can tell you.


These photos are even more entertaining if you look more closely at the label on the red bag:


All hail to the marginal cost (zero – near enough) of digital photography.

13 comments to Two London ladies

  • I rarely leave the house without my digital camera as London is filled with all manner of interesting objects, unexpected incidents and eyecatching fauna.

  • Julian Morrison

    *sigh* my digicam is a half kilo lump of hard plastic the size of my half-closed fist, with a battery-life measured in minutes. I need to upgrade…

  • Perry, yes indeed, and it is a habit I learned from you.

    Julian, you are spot on about the smallness of these cameras now (enabling Perry and me to carry them all the time), and especially about the battery life, which on my little Canon A70 is extraordinary. Time and again, my 256megawhatsit chocolate biscuit fills up before the batteries run out. Amazing.

    There is also something to be said for using a camera which is cheap enough (just about) to be lose-able or breakable. I dread the day when my camera tastes get seriously expensive, and I have a grand’s worth of kit bobbing about on my stomach, being bumped into, getting lost, etc.

  • Antoine Clarke

    Alfie returns!!!!!

  • ernest young

    Those two will be forever known as the “Girls with a Bag of naughty knickers’.

  • James


    So you got their numbers, yes?

    Tell me you _did_ get their numbers, right? 🙂

    *slaps head*

  • For those who don’t know… ‘Ann Summers’ is a well known UK chain which sells what would be best described as ‘interesting’ clothes worn in the bedroom and ‘sex paraphernalia’

  • AH…I was just about to ask.

  • Percy Dovetonsils

    For our Quagmire/”Family Guy” fans: Giggity-giggity!

  • Ron

    I have a Kodak 1Mpixel camera which sounds poor, but is actually 1152*864 – unusable on any website without shrinking and JPEG-compressing. The colours are excellent, so why get anything bigger?

    The big problem is the battery life – but if you turn off the back LCD screen the battery life is literally 10 times longer.

  • The Wobbly Guy

    A Nikon Coolpix 4300 for me, 4 mMpixel and 3x zoom. Haven’t got the hang of bringing it everywhere I go. It’s boring Singapore, after all. 🙂


  • Digiman

    Love the pics, only one question, how on earth did you get them to agree to be photographed? Did you just ask them straight? Or did you take a sly one first?

    Enquiring minds need to know.

  • belandry

    i hope i have ldn girls