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Let’s lead by example

On our trip to Geneva we encountered some interesting people. One of them was Stefan Metzeler, who is a co-founder of Pro Libertate in Switzerland. It was Stefan’s question (the seventh picture) to the panel consisting of the assorted tranzis, leftists and self-propagandists, that set the tone of the debate and demonstrated that the members of the audience are not all on the same side…

Among other things I have learnt that Stefan likes to practice what we preach – for the last three years he has been organising informal libertarian meetings called Assens & Mt. Pelerin and helping as many people from Eastern Europe to attend as possible. This year’s will fall on June 19-20th. This is what Stefan says about the event:

The most important aims are to:

  • Show people from the ex-communist countries how things work here in Switzerland, which – as we all agree – is still the most liberal country in Europe and last but not least, not a member of the EU
  • Get them to spread that information, which they will undoubtedly do

I believe the programme for the first day includes a visit to a local shooting range, instructing the novices in the art of firearm handling, followed by a lot of practice for all. I mean, how sound is that?!

So far, we’ve got three people from the Lithuanian Free Market Institute lined up, one student from Belarus and another, just graduated, from a university in Ukraine, all of whom I met last year at the ISIL event in Vilnius, plus some interest from members of a liberal organisation in Poland. None of them can come without financial help.

By plane, we can probably pay for at most two people. If four to six want to come, they will have to travel by car. Cost per person will be very reasonable, estimated at about $120 – $150 each, plus visa, for those from Belarus and Ukraine.

So far, a German businessman and I are each putting up about $400, plus some $200 promised from other participants.

Most of the participants from France, Switzerland and Germany are also short on money. As capitalists, we have to get serious about getting beyond the theoretical stage, I think.

Right, you heard it. We do not usually do this sort of thing on Samizdata.net but we think this is a worthwhile cause and are happy to publicise it. If you share this view, please feel free to hit our paypal button. (You’ll just have to trust us that Stefan gets it.) Anything that arrives there between now and 1st June, goes to bringing as many people from Eastern Europe to the Assens & Mt. Pelerin meeting.

We promise to publish how much money has been received and how it was used. We will introduce those who make it to the meeting from Eastern Europe and blog about their impressions of Switzerland and the ideas they encounter at the Assens & Mt. Pelerin.


3 comments to Let’s lead by example

  • Pissed Scotsman

    Finding your Paypal button’s really hard after some drinks. Couldn’t you have linked it from your story? Inebriated contributors are likely to be generous. I even found your e-gold button first. But who could reel their e-gold number off?

  • What about Norway – life’s not so bad there

  • Pissed Scotsman: Generosity inebriated or otherwise is always welcome. I agree, the PayPal buttons are a bit on the small side and can be hard to hit when the world is swaying.

    It does not help that instead a button with PayPal written on we have four, each for different currency to make it easier for our readers to shower us with their largesse. 🙂