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It’s a fair cop, guv… er… ma’am… er…

There must be a comedy sketch in this:

West Yorkshire Police were guilty of sex discrimination in refusing to recruit a male-to-female transsexual, law lords have ruled.
The five law lords ruled unanimously that the woman, Miss A, was unlawfully discriminated against in breach of the Sex Discrimination Act.

They upheld a decision by the Court of Appeal last November.

West Yorkshire Police had argued that Miss A would not be able to carry out certain duties, such as body searches.

Lord Bingham said that, under European law, transsexuals were entitled to the same protection against discrimination as any other individual and to be recognised as belonging to their ‘acquired gender’.

Not to mention endless jokes about truncheons.

5 comments to It’s a fair cop, guv… er… ma’am… er…

  • Shaun Bourke

    Errrrr………calling John Cleese !!

  • Verity

    Actually, I find this chilling, not funny. “Transsexuals” – of which there is no such thing; you cannot change your chromosomes – under some European ruling issuing from we know not where – are to be given birth certificates recording them as their gender of choice. So the state is now going to be complicit in a lie.

    What is more, although this is just a little frill compared with the big lie they are going to perpetrate, they don’t even have to have undergone their ridiculous operations to get new birth certificates. They’ve just got to say they “feel” like a member of the opposite sex.

    I have no objection to them getting themselves mutilated, if that is what they reall want, although their problem is mental, not physical. A man who gets himself slice ‘n’ diced and takes massive amounts of female hormones is a man who has had himself chopped about and takes massive amounts of female hormones. He’s not a woman. But if it makes them feel better about themselves, it’s not my business.

    But it is the state lying on official documents and degrading the value of the document that should be of grave concern. That British judges are backing this official lie tells us how mentally corrupt they are, and begs the question: what next?

  • James


    In all fairness, whatever his/her gender, saying he would not be able to carry out “body searches” is a piss poor reason for discriminating against someone. Last I heard, they don’t ask criminals (with the exception of women – female by default) whether they’d like to be searched by a male, female or shemale. And if we do, then that’ll solve the problem of this person having to do body searches anyways.

    It’s not so much a matter of gender as to what silly depths some institutions will sink to in order to quell their own unease over someone being “different”.

    Within effective operational limits, there could have been some negotiation or compromise on the part of the Police. At least the Transsexual could take it or leave it.

    PS – And where the hell are all the truncheon jokes? I feel so “hard done” by….. 🙂

  • “In a dark brown voice she said “Lola ello ello ello Lola”

  • okay, my opinion is not needed in this situation as i am stubborn