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Doug Pappas 1961-2004

Sad news: Economist / baseball analyst / blogger Doug Pappas has passed away at age 43, the victim of heat stroke while vacationing in Texas.

Pappas chaired the Business of Baseball committee for the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR), and his work on the history of baseball’s finances was consistently intelligent and provocative. I mention this in Samizdata because Pappas was also one of the foremost opponents of taxpayer funded facilities for professional sports and was thus a friend of liberty as well. Pappas relentlessly criticized commissioner Bud Selig’s claims that Major League Baseball needed corporate welfare to survive.

I am a SABR member, but never got to meet Doug Pappas; for more in-depth tributes from people who knew him, see the excellent baseball / war blog Baseball Crank and David Pinto’s Baseball Musings, another excellent baseball-only blog.

2 comments to Doug Pappas 1961-2004

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    Never continue to stand outside in Texas without a hat after your hair begins to smoke.

  • Farley

    Just to set the record straight, and he likely *would* care (given his devotion to accuracy), Daoug Pappas was 42 when he passed away. [He would have turned 43 this August.]