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Samizdatista sightings in Manhattan?

There have been rumoured Dale Amon sightings in the Irish bars of Manhattan. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid…

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3 comments to Samizdatista sightings in Manhattan?

  • Mashiki

    Oooh. The eye rises…can we get some sightings of the Illuminatus in Canada one of these days? We need something to whip our socialist-liberal masters into a frenzy.

  • I’ll stand him a beer if he turns off the stealth tech long enough for the ground surveillance radar to track him.

  • Dale Amon

    Email me a pn. I will be here for 2 days, then I’m off working a business show for a week, then back in NY until the 25th. Probably. Unless someone offers me loot to be elsewhere.

    Incidentally, I did leave a few pints for everyone else down in the Lower East this morning. No since hogging it all.