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France and Spain’s war on terror continues

Following yesterday’s find of an explosive device along the Madrid-Seville railway, an energetic series of police actions in Spain and France against both ETA and the Islamic terrorists.

According to the Spanish government two leading members of ETA have been arrested in South-West France and other suspects detained over the past two days. Four explosive devices were found, two of them ready for immediate use. The French government, whilst confirming that arrests have been made has not been forthcoming with any details.

Meanwhile in Madrid, an explosion was heard today and small arms fire during a police raid on an appartment complex in the Leganes suburb (my thanks to Susan for the link to Jihad Watch ). Official sources say the explosion was a controlled detonation.

2 comments to France and Spain’s war on terror continues

  • Richard Garner

    OK, so what is with these terrorists? France never signed up with the war in Iraq. Spain is looking likely to withdraw its troop. But where are the islamofascists aiming? France and Spain. Weirdos.

  • Antoine Clarke

    Richard, fair comment about the folly of appeasement.

    I think some governments would argue that there is a difference between co-operating in a world-wide hunt for terrorists and invading Iraq. France and Spain’s security services are very much involved in the ‘hidden’ war. Chirac of course was on the take, but hey, nothing personal!

    I would like to know where the US was when Irish terrorists raised funds in the US with impunity to bomb British cities, when the US State department stopped the French from attacking terrorist camps in Tunisia during the Algerian War and tried to stop the UK from liberating the Falklands, and how much ETA has been allowed to raise in the US?

    Our wars on terror went on for decades with constant obstruction from Washington. Sorry if some people in Europe have become cynical about recent US talk of “the world threat of terrorism”. They are wrong in the broader picture of things, but I do not blame them.