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A new front in the struggle for freedom

There will be much muttering in their beards in the caves of Tora Bora. There will be much gnashing of teeth and gnawing of livers in the ghettos of the Democratic National Committee.

A new front has opened in the struggle for freedom.


Age 25, single, 5 foot 11 inches: the new Miss America describes herself as “a Republican” and says that she will use her influence to explain America’s involvement in Iraq. Miss Shandi Finnessey is a statuesque blonde from St Louis, Missouri and replaces last year’s winner from Massachusetts. [Thanks to Pejmanesque.com for the link.]

Note: Missouri voted Republican last presidential election. Any bets this time?

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18 comments to A new front in the struggle for freedom

  • Cathal Copeland

    So the pubertarians are taking over Samizdata.

    Blogging forecast issued by yours truly at 14.45 on Tuesday 20 April 2004, general synopsis:

    Low South of Cromarthy Forth: mean mental age of leading Samizdatistas now falling by 1 month per quarter… Southeast veering South, more bullshit later, intellectual climate becoming poorer in most places, occasional ray of cognitive sunshine from Guessedworker, Ernest, Verity, David Carr, fog patches gradually developing … falling, falling …

    Or, rather, let’s read the Shipping Forecast instead.

    At least doing so will help you to increase your word power.


  • Gland Inquisitor

    What has being a Republican and explaining American involvement in Iraq got to do with struggle for liberty?

  • Gland Inquisitor

    Bora Bora? Tora Bora! I should know, I live here. 😉

    Furthermore, since when are winners of Miss Competitions stupid and ugly?
    Matter of taste, I guess.

  • She could do with a suntan. I’m offering cheap shared accomodation in Kuwait at the moment – I wonder if she’d be interested?

  • Republicans have another longlegged blond warrior who hasn’t won any paegant, but is a little prettier than this one – Ann Coulter. And she can write, too.

    Honestly, I’ve never understood why people are all that crazy about Miss this and Miss that. It’s desperately out of touch with reality (=real life gals). Needless to say, the winners rarely have anything to say about anything going on here, in the real world.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Charles, I worry about you. Antoine posted a picture of a lovely American lady on the blog. What’s your problem?

  • She’s also written a children’s book, and loves fast food hamburgers.

    She also describes herself as “totally single and looking”.

    Yes, indeed, Shandi is a prime example of the best of the U.S. A fine choice for Miss America.

  • I agree with Cathal Copeland. This website should be a serious-minded compilation of thoughtful, erudite essays.

    In fact, I’ve been noticing there’s a little too much humor creeping into your posts lately — stop that NOW.

    Libertarianism is a serious business, people. Let’s not dilute the message with irrelevancies like pictures of beautiful women.

  • snide

    copeland is such a twit, a nasty little nazi one at that. which means if he is getting peeved at something you must be on the right track. still, she looks suitably ‘aryan’ so I am surprised he dislikes seeing her. hey chuck, maybe looking at her will get those indolent white boys out there breeding for the good of society!

  • Cathal Copeland

    Johnathan writes:

    “Charles, I worry about you. Antoine posted a picture of a lovely American lady on the blog. What’s your problem?”

    Johnathan, I’m not just a pretty face, you know. And it’s not that I’m envious of that “lovely American lady”, honest! OK it’s those Loramet 2mg tablets I’ve been knocking back after four Glenlivets, followed by Fisherman’s Friend extra strong …

    [Sarcasm off]

    No, but as Thomas Kohl suggested, with Ann Coulter the Republicans could have a bit of brain as well, even if she (Coulter) also goes into fishwife mode every now and then. But don’t we all?

    This ‘Republican babe’ stuff is a bit of an embarrassment. What do you guys read anyhow? The Daily Mail? As every intelligent feminist would ask: what on earth have a woman’s looks got to do with the quality of her argumentation?

    If you’re not careful I’ll shop you to Crooked Timber and Ophelia Benson (one of those Butterflies and Wheels people) will make minced meat out of you.

  • I think Kim is just afraid of the competition 😉 He sort of had a monopoly on the “libertarian leaning web site featuring photos of beautiful women”market. Personally, I’d like to see a lot more competition in that particular market!

  • Greg

    Uh, that would be Miss USA, not Miss America. There’s a difference, you know, and besides, no one listens to these vapid, “I’m gonna use my title for world peace” women anyway

  • Which Miss America or Miss USA has NOT advocated world peace or bringing peace to a foreign country? How many of them were actually credited with the spread of democracy? None. I don’t think this will have any bearing on the situation in Iraq.

    I don’t mind the humor invading this blog, as long as it does not overshadow its original intent. In case you were wondering, I actually found the shipping forecast readable.

  • Well its good to see that the quality (or total lack thereof) of young women in the Young Republicans is not representative of all young Republican voting adults.

  • Shawn

    Her front certainly looks like it is struggling for freedom.

  • mike

    MO will go for Bush in 04.

  • Johnathan

    Charles, please, please, go away.