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A flowing river of lies

Blair is a liar. But of course the notion any politician does not utter more than the occasional porkie pie is a very uncontroversial one. But as I said in the wellspring of lies yesterday, one can but marvel at the bare faced effrontery of it when our political masters stand up and state something is true when any person not wilfully blind (or David Blunkett) can see it is patently untrue just by reading a few newspapers or one of several thousand blogs and websites.

Mr Blair said political objections had been removed and the only obstacle now was technical. He made clear he wanted the project to “move forward” as soon as it was feasible.

He risked antagonising civil rights campaigners by claiming they no longer objected to the idea, which would see each citizen required to buy a computer-readable card that would record personal details.

Risks antagonising? Civil rights campaigners no longer object to the idea? Excuse the French, but, what the fuck? Blair is a bare faced liar. The only other alternative to that is that he is so ignorant of goings on outside the cloistered world of 10 Downing Street as to be completely deluded.

I will try my damnedest to refuse to get an ID card and I will openly declare that I do not have one when the sun rises on that evil day. I urge as many people as possible to not just resist but to do so openly when the time comes. They will try to make it very difficult to live without one so we must make the system unworkable by using whatever civil disobedience and intelligent resistance is needed. Do not cooperate with your own repression. Time to get creative, people. Time to get angry.

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5 comments to A flowing river of lies

  • I just hope Blair repeats this lie at PMQs. If he does then he is demonstrably guilty of misleading the House and we’ve got the bastard.

  • Ernie Fische

    Yur a pussy bitch Trevor. I’ve got my prints on file,
    my arrest records, and they’ve got the audit trail
    of everywhere I’ve ever worked, and every leftist
    worker party I ever joined. It doesn’t mean dick.
    They don’t give a rat’s ass unless you’re a fuckup.

  • Ernie Fische: If you have a point to make, please make it politely. This blog is private property and we do not condone foul language in our comments, unless of course, we feel like using it. So, bugger off.

  • For the sake of arguement I will assume that the Ernie Fische email domain name is not a fake, and assume that the “hermeneutic Bible interpretation” website focussing on prophesies does actually represent some of Mr Fische’s views,

    I would be interested to know why Mr Fische does *not* seem to consider Biometric Identifiers such as fingerprints or iris scans linked to centralised state databases and the trend to treat people as numbers rather than as human beings, as *not* being “the Mark of the Beast” as per the Book of Revelations:

    “Moreover, it caused everyone, great and small, rich and poor, slave and free, to be branded with a mark on his right hand or forehead, and no one was allowed to buy or sell unless he bore this beast’s mark, either name or number. (Here is the key; and anyone who has intelligence may work out the number of the beast. The number represents a man’s name, and the numerical value of its letters is six hundred and sixty-six.)
    (Revelations chapter 13: verses 16-18)”

  • Guy Herbert

    On that theme: joy is to be had from plugging messrs Blunkett and Blair in here. Neither is reckoned at 666, sad to say, but the associations are very comforting to my prejudices.