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Blunkett raises spectre of fingerprinting entire EU population!

Mentioned en passant in another alarming article in which David Blunkett threatens yet further abridgements of civil liberties under the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’, it is noted he and the European Commission advocated the idea of…

Joining forces with the Commission, Mr Blunkett backed proposals for a fingerprint data base of all EU citizens and tougher measures to tackle terrorist funding.

Oh wonderful.

14 comments to Blunkett raises spectre of fingerprinting entire EU population!

  • bob

    am i allowed to post in this blog?

  • nick

    1) The government cannot keep data secret. 200,000 known cases last year of medical records being revealed to people who shouldn’t have had access.

    2) Fingerprints are easy to forge. Rubber fingerprints are easy to make given a photograph of a print.

    3) There hasn’t been any modern scientific analysis of fingerprints as a means of identification.

    Now consider a criminal who is clever. He/they download some fingerprints and leave then at a crime scene. Say Blunket, Blair and Brown’s dabs are found all over a crime scene. Now what? A defense lawyer will have a field day.

    The unforseen consequence of Blunket’s scheme will be that finger print evidence will lose the ability to do what he is trying to do, namely be used as evidence in court cases.


  • Bob, of course you can, as long as you do not threaten anyone…

  • bob

    er.. you removed my post.. in which i threaterned no one..

    im a little confuse.. can you claify the rules..

    and whens the next blogparty .. am i invited?

  • Well Bob, I guess I need to tell the guys to stop deleting you on sight then (we have quite a large team of contributors). Don’t threaten anyone and things will be just peachy.

  • bob

    ive never threatened anyone.. its that french geezer he dont like me.. cos i got around his IP block.. it mean its hardly a fool proof system is it..

  • bob

    oh thats you … HI .

    so am i invited to the next party?

  • If you don’t act like an ass, you can post comments. That said, our blogs are our property for that reason alone we reserve the right to delete anyone’s comments… and as you do not have a blog of your own, it would be a fair bet you are not going to get invited to any blog parties. Plus yeah, I don’t like you, not because you can get around an IP block (hardly a difficult thing to do). As the fact is I can have your posts deleted with less effort that it takes you to post them, that is no big deal. I don’t like you because I dislike your counterproductive ideas and the fact you are in impolite ass. If you want to engage in any further off-topic conversations, e-mail direct or I will start deleteing off topic comments.

  • Arthur Dacre

    This is typical Blunkett. As you wrote over on Samizdata, it is amazing the idiot Tories are just sitting there about as useful as tits on a bull instead of leaping up and down and calling for his head.

    And what is this Bob guy on? I guess blogs get there share of strange creatures too. As any educated Englishman knows, de Havilland is an old Anglo-Norman name with a glorious history in British aviation. My father used to work for de Havilland at Hatfield in the 1950s. Are you any relative to those de Havillands?

  • Mark Ellott

    As I clearly missed whatever went previously, the above exchange is somewhat surreal….

    On topic – how, exactly, does BB expect to overcome the logistics of fingerprinting the entire EU population? And, specifically, the logistics of dealing with concerted disobedience from an organised minority?

  • bob

    Off topic remarks deleted

  • bob

    Off topic remarks deleted… we do invite public comments, but as we own the site, we also reserve the right to delete anything we feel like deleting if it is offensive, off topic or, as we feel no need to humour people who we don’t like, just because we feel like it.

  • Yes, I am related to those de Havillands. English since 1066

  • ash


    Anyway- a full EU database of biometric identifiers is taking things a bit too far- It would be impossible to get it even slightly accurate- and there would be so many similar matches. This whole crap just pisses me off- and all that fast-tracking the ID card system in, whats all that?? Why haven’t the Tories done anything- why is eveyone just taking this??

    Gah, i’m so pissed off right now- I’ve still got another 2000 words to write on these damn cards