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The reason for light blogging on Samizdata.net tonight

The reason that there has been relatively little output this evening is that many of the Samizdatistas were at Samizdata HQ rather than at their keyboards, celebrating the start of new business ventures by two of our number…






32 comments to The reason for light blogging on Samizdata.net tonight

  • dicky ron

    Wow, libertarian chicks are hot!

  • Dan

    Wow, libertarian guys are not!

  • libby

    I think the libertarian guys look very respectable.

  • Peter vE

    The above two comments lead inevitably to the Following Immutable Law of History:
    For not-hot guys to meet hot-hot chicks, they must espouse Libertarianisn.

    Worked for me 20 years ago 😉

  • Posting these truly beautiful women has tipped your site from the vague limbo of “site I might link to” to the nirvana of “ahh, go ahead, link it.”

  • toolkien

    The above two comments lead inevitably to the Following Immutable Law of History: For not-hot guys to meet hot-hot chicks, they must espouse Libertarianisn.

    Worked for me 20 years ago 😉

    I guess it doesn’t work Stateside. All my libertarianism has ever gotten me is the solitude that seems to go along with individualism (I settled for an accountant like myself but for whom politics and philosophy are avoided topics). I guess the ‘other half’ here in the US are too conditioned toward liberalism or religion. I haven’t met many women, or know of many, in the US that I could categorize as right libertarian. They always seem indoctrinated into one meddling agenda or another (I would almost say that it is genetic if I didn’t notice right libertarianism in women abroad). The libertarian faction of the Young Republicans whilst I was in college was distinctly female-free. Perhaps living in Wisconsin is the problem – too liberal.

  • who

    Who’s the mommie with the dark hair?

  • Who’s who? Interested viewers want to know.

  • Good luck in the business ventures!
    And I assume that you will never, ever, take any governmental subsidies.

  • I’ll second the query on the owner of the dark hair. Slamming. Good luck with the venture.

  • Eamon Brennan

    The simple act of posting images of ladies on this blog always seems to draw forth a disturbing amount of drooling from the commentariat.

    Addictive as Samizdata is, could I suggest some of you get out more.


  • Dawg

    I really like da hottie in the second pic!

  • Matthew O'Keeffe

    Some of these photos look more like my stag do in Prague than the usual libertarian gatherings. Where did all the babes come from?

  • Um what do some of the blokes look so bloody miserable? We are libertarians we are not supposed to look so damn miserable. Here is one not looking so grumpy. Mr Tyke another libertarian minded-soul, blogger and band member, is not in the shot because he is taking the shot.

  • I think that beautiful woman no. 1 (in the second pic) is our esteemed editor, Adriana Cronin.

    Bw no. 2, I have no idea about…

  • Guy Herbert

    Given the technical savvy of Samizdata, I’m assuming that photos are uncaptioned as a matter of pointed editorial policy. You certainly do move in a mysterious way.

  • There are libertarian “chicks” in the US but they tend not to call themselves such due to the poor reputation of our Large-L libertarian party and some of its (and fellow traveller group’s) tin-foil hat minions. E.G. we have a public access television station here in NM where these so-called libertarians get on (replete with Gadsden flag) and yell and scream about how the gubmint’s gonna grab all the guns and other conspiracies… They do not come across as quite sane.

    I have found that libertarian minded US females are either: former Republicans (“Goldwater” Republicans) who bailed on the party when the moralist scolds took over (and the focus went from economic freedom to the battle against abortion and gays) or Former self-styled Anarchists who though their bias is to champion “leftist” causes, they hold the state in deep distrust.

    Of these two types I married one of the former.

  • “The Women of Samizdata”… what’s Playboy’s phone number?

    And yeah, I should get out more.

    I’m off to the range to sight in a new scope.

  • Sigivald

    What Garth said. Here in the States, I like to refer to the LP as “those blue-skinned paranoid freaks”…

    And I’m ideologically mostly on their side.

  • Brock

    What’s the business venture? That’s what I want to know!

    (I’m married – but go you guys!)

  • Okay, identification. From left to right, the first photograph is Antoine Clarke, Brian Micklethwait, myself, and Adriana Cronin. The second bottom photograph shows Perry de Havilland. The person on the left in the sixth photograph is David Carr. The other people do not write for Samizdata.

  • It occurs to me that if this was a left wing blog and somebody wrote comments about how attractive the women looked, all manner of outrage and political correctness would be set loose… 😉

  • shiloh sharps

    Okay. The ladies be fine. But seriously, tell us about The Bidness. What sort of Commerce shall they be undertaking?

  • Adriana #1! Adriana#1!

    She’s my next American Idol!

  • Say, this anti-spambot is pretty cool. Too bad I’m too stupid to put my correct URL into my profile…

  • Mashiki

    This kind of goes against my normal types of postings, I will say that most libertarian ladies are quite beautiful, well rounded on their knowledge of the world as well as being more so being able to pick up the undercurrents of what is going on the around them. The above are no exception from what I’ve been able to gather, most ladies who comment on the men will say that they are either handsome, or dignified and respectful. Now I can’t say if that holds true or not as a whole who knows but that sticks as it is in my own neck of the woods…that holds in both respects.

    Unfortunatly, in Canada the number of libertarian ladies is rather thin but when you do find them they are worth getting to know in every respect.

    Aside from that, I am very interested in knowing what this new business venture is…ofcourse handing out trade secrets like this is probably going to equal pain of death. heh

  • No insult to the lovely people of either gender in the pictures, but I’d be intereted to hear about the business ventures, too.

  • Okey, okey… the business venture that occassioned this party and that some people ask about is that we are now going full throttle with the Big Blog Company, whose blog-site you can find here. The content is in the process of updating since we have expanded our strategy considerably. We believe that blogs are here to stay and intend to put them to some interesting uses…

  • The dark-haired lady looks like a young Jackie Kennedy.

  • Mashiki

    Adriana, let me with luck be the first to say thanks for posting that. I’d be inclined to agree all-be-it a fast changing area, it will be one that is going to stick around. With Samizdat already proving to be a leader in information gathering in various areas, it’s going to be interesting to see where and how this spreads.

  • No fair — Perry gets to take as many pictures of Adriana as he wants! smart to do so cause she’s so fair. Smart too. BBC (Big…) was that deliberate? (I didn’t notice the first time.)

    No fair #2 — you changed the photos?

    Keep having FUN!

  • juan quijote

    Your comment about libertarian women is interesting, I can not tell by photos i have tried politics and was involved in libertarians but no longer believe politics useful change is made in our souls governments and other non-entities cannot affect is severely if we refuse to recognize them.

    I have found that libertarians are unwilling or too uninformed to challenge social normalcies in sexual relationships and still stuck on old tired values, reason being that we try to challenge in a corrupt paradigm of those that believe in the existence of government and other obsolete social orders.

    We need to work in a framework of those who understand that reality comes from within one’s own personal beliefs and people willing to consider spiritual methods to banish coercion and even war (which I will wait for in future life) by meditaition, prayer, chanting, and/or acts of loving kindness, and an otherstanding that it is unimportant what others say, think about you or do to you, what matters is only what you believe and how you do to others, unimportant if you keep credit good or vote or own nice vehicles. sayonara