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More Equal

I mentioned before that Ireland has an oxymoronically titled Competition Authority. If that level of government intrusion was all we had to worry about, I wouldn’t mind too much. Unfortunately we are also saddled with the similarly Orwellian-sounding Equality Authority. Their motto is “Diversity for an Equal Ireland” or “Equality for a Diverse Ireland” or something else equally bland but diversely platitudinous like “Be Reasonable, It Pays!”. This bunch of state-stipended, humourless entitlement-enforcers is headed by – some achievement this – probably the most pompous man in Ireland: Niall Crowley. He is an insistent hectoring presence on our radio waves. Through the the op-ed and letters pages of our newspapers he regularly reminds us of our “reponsibilities” in prose laden with jargon, tautologies and sundry infelicities. So it was with delight today that I read Blog Irish’s eloquent skewering of this self-serving organisation and supremo.

2 comments to More Equal

  • Andy Duncan

    I thought we had it bad in Britain with Blair’s perplexing ‘Excellence for All’ campaign. However, I must doff my cap to your own Equality Authority. Blair can obviously teach them nothing on the use of oxymoronic santimonious social democratic clap-trap.

  • Andrew Duffin

    Priceless. Absolutely wonderful. The very last line of all is the best.