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Dr. Mengele would be proud

If you thought the use of human guinea pigs in biochemical and other research died with the Nazi’s, you had better think again.

Somehow ‘axis of evil’ doesn’t even come close to describing North Korea. I fear we will find nightmares a step beyond even Saddam’s hobbies when the place finally collapses. Saddam killed for pleasure and vengeance. He ‘only’ topped a million or so. From what is leaking out it appears North Korea may be into industrial murder.

PS: Cold Fury has also covered this story and links to the original report.

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10 comments to Dr. Mengele would be proud

  • Doug Collins

    Yeah that all may be true.. But we have no absolute, iron clad, irrefutable proof that they have WMDs….

  • steve

    Dave… don’t you get it? It only counts as mass murder if it’s Americans doing it. Guantanamo Bay is clearly far worse a situation.

  • DSpears

    Unfortunately this isn’t news. The pattern is clear and has been repeated with frightening consistency: When Socialists are in power, people die. The more “pure” the Socialism, the higher the body count.

    In typical leftist self-hating American fashion, Ms. Powers blames America for not stopping these attrocities as opposed to blaming the real culprit: Socialism.

    It’s a real shame that these well meaning Socialist worker’s paradises keep getting taken over by mass-murderers. Socialism has had a run of bad luck in this respect for more than a century.

  • Julian Morrison

    Saddam was a personal tyrant. He killed because he was angry, afraid, or greedy. His pettiness bounded his evil. Socialism is impersonal, and eventually it’d kill everybody.

  • Steve LaBonne

    One other angle is that when, eventually, all this becomes undeniably evident to everyone in South Korea, it will not be healthy to have been the kind of muddle-headed soft-on-the-North politician that currently runs that country.

  • Andrew X

    DSSpears –

    Darnit, Spears, it’s not just mass-murderers that follow socialism, it’s BAD WEATHER too! Y’know, how every socialist regime is immediately followed by the gosh durndest bad luck with weather, which always hits the harvest the worst. You can set your watch by it.

    It’s a shame that governments that want so much goodness for their people just keep getting shafted by the rottenest luck.

  • Dale, while I am indeed hosted by the studly Mike of Cold Fury, the link in question is on my site in a post written by Al Maviva.

    Feel free to delete this post.

  • Yazmine Benavente

    I personaly think it’s a bad idea to use a name like Mengele. I really don’t like that the person said that he would be proud, you really shouldn’t compare what he did to what happening now. Both things are bad and thats that really. It’s not fair both victums of the things sufferd and if they saw this.. what would they think?!
    Thats what i think so there

  • Dale Amon

    It would not surprise me in the least if there were dozens of men as terrible or worse than Mengele to be found in North Korea. The victims of the first should be more interested in doing something about the victims of the new ones than in defending their own victimhood. I strongly suspect the Nazi hunters who tracked down the bones of Mengele would pass on their mantle to a new generation who will hound the monsters of North Korea once that sh*thole final collapses and the crawling things go scuttling off around the world.