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White London

No… not some tedious article about race…


chelsea snow_929_ducati.jpg


Perhaps the reason I find snow in London so fascinating is that it is both uncommon, little more than a dusting and very picturesque. I do not recall finding it so interesting when I lived in the United States, but that might have been because when it snowed, verily the skies opened and it tended to be a significant inconvenience! That said, New Jersey copes better with 3 feet of snow that London does with 3 inches Snow? You call that snow?

12 comments to White London

  • Alfred E. Neuman

    I just got 10 inches last night, Perry; obviously not London. However, my Ford Explorer can power through that like nobody’s business. Still, I had the driveway (alll 300 feet of it) plowed so that the UPS and FedEx guys can get in.

    Is London as beautiful as New York with a dusting of snow? I have not had the pleasure of viewing London in those conditions. I have, however, flown into London on the evening of Guy Fawkes Day and watched the fireworks from the sky. Very cool.

  • bil.

    Is that a powdered Ducati Monster there?

  • Indeed it is, oh sharp eyed bil… And as mentioned before on this blog(Link) a few times(Link) a while back.

  • Holly Watson

    I live in Houston; we get snow maybe once every 10 years — maybe. And when we do, it usually melts upon making contact with the ground, and every once in a while it might stick around long enough to get up to an inch or two.

    But we treat it like a Biblical event. We just start freakin out, man! and most of us elect to huddle in our caves until the mysterious white stuff goes away (my favorite method of dealing). Drive in a hurricane? No problem. Drive on icy streets? Nuh uh.

  • Daniel J

    If I may ask- Where in New Jersey did you live? I lived there most of my life and hotfooted it out of there a few years back.

  • bil.

    Ooh, A Monster Dark 900, my girlfriend would be jealous, she has the Monster Dark 750. There must be some weird libertarian female-Ducati connection.

    And as another native of Houston, I too can attest to the complete inability to drive on icy roads demonstrated by the locals. And boy is it hard to make a snow-midget when you have to collect snow from several front lawns.

  • Eamon Brennan

    In answer to the question about London, yes.

    London is georgeous with a dusting of snow. Serene and just plain different.

    I also get the added bonus of taking my 2 dogs to Battersea park and watching them go mental.


  • God, London is beautiful at the best of times. I can only imagine what it’s like under snow.

    More London snow pics, please, Samizdatistas: and if it’s too much hassle to post them, please email them to me.

    I have over 500 pics of London, taken during my several visits over the Pond, and I’d love to add a few more.

  • Doug Collins

    How many Houstonians do we have here? I am one also, self transplanted from Michigan many years ago. If Texas just had snow instead of freezing rain and 33 degree F/99% humidity bone chilling weather it would be perfect.

    London in snow is so pretty that it’s painful.

  • Here in the US Mid-Atlantic, we’ve gotten a lot of snow this year (including the 6 inches on the ground right now outside). But we also get the light snow events, and we actually call them ‘decorative snow’. Everywhere looks better with a fresh coat of snow, whether it’s just enough to accent the features, or enough to cover everything with a foot of snow. And the sound, as the snow is falling, is the best sound ever. Everything’s quiet, except the sound of the snow itself.

    I love snow.

  • Jersey Guy

    We handle three feet of snow alright. We just learn how to drive backward at 75 miles per hour when the state makes us take five minutes of driver training. We have go to advanced school to learn to do it sideways in an SUV.