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Arizona school installs facial scan system

USA Today reports that face-scanning technology designed to recognize registered sex offenders and missing children has been installed in a Phoenix school in a pilot project that some law enforcement and education officials hope to expand.
Two cameras, which are expected to be operational next week, will scan faces of people who enter the office at Royal Palm Middle School. They are linked to state and national databases of sex offenders, missing children and alleged abductors.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a tough-talking sheriff who has previously gained notoriety for his chain gangs and prison-issued pink underwear said:

If it works one time, locates one missing child or saves a child from a sexual attack, I feel it’s worth it.

Civil libertarians have raised red flags about the idea, pointing to potential privacy violations, and biometrics experts say facial recognition programs are not foolproof.

1 comment to Arizona school installs facial scan system

  • Bill

    Face scanning was tried in Tampa, Florida, in Ybor City (Tampa’s Cuban version of New Orleans’s French Quarter) and at the football stadium. In both cases it never worked. The program was unceremoniously canceled.