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A cheap Christmas laugh

The following is taken from a list of authors names as published in the British Library Catalogue:

Florence A Bagelhole
Ole Bagger
Ludwig Von Baldass
Willy Bang
Juana Bignozzi
Petr Bitsilli
Jaime Bleeda
Don Bolognese
Wallop Brabazon
Knud Bugge
Hieronymus Cock
Ellsworth Prouty Conkle
Lettice May Crump
Dee Day
Roger A Destroyer
Arsen Diklic
Herman Dirk van Dodeweerd
Kersi D Doodha
Gottfried Egg
Bernt Eggen
Gordon Bandy Enders
Otto Flake
Mercedes Formica
Vladimir Fuka
Gergeley Gergeley
Biserka Grabar
Romulus Guga
Frederick Stuft Hammer
Odd Bang Hansen
O Heck
Jup Kastrati
Per Klang
Hieronimus Knicker
Bent Koch
Jacques Olle Laprune
Moses E Lard
F Leflufly
Manfred Lurker
Agogo Mago
Pilgrim Mangles
Santiago Nudelman
Henricus Pisart
Antwerp Pratt
Willem Quackelbeen
Fritz Rotter
Flora Schmulz
Johann Von Schmuck
I M Sick
Count Jacques de Silly
Negley Teeters
Wade Toole
Matilda Wrench

I am reliably informed that these names have been checked and that these people do indeed exist.

[My thanks to Dr Chris Tame for posting this to the Libertarian Alliance Forum]

3 comments to A cheap Christmas laugh

  • Rob Read

    Here’s a funny name ! Gordon ‘Prudence’ Brown.

    Irony is the funniest form of humour!

    Happy hijacked winter solstice!

  • David Gillies

    Damn you Samizdatistas! On reading this I aspirated a Boxing Day glass of Perrier Jouët and I am still coughing. Priceless!

  • Sita

    There is a teacher at my daughter’s school named Barry Dingle. We looked him up in the phone directory and yes, he is Dingle, Barry