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Tories to Back Down Over Blunkett’s Bill

The Times reports that the Tories are to drop their opposition to Big Blunkett’s plans to limit trial by jury.

As a result the discredited Criminal “Justice” Bill is expected to pass through both Houses next week.

The reason given for this change of heart is that new Tory leader Michael Howard apparently sees “liberal” policies as electorally damaging. Any hope that the Tories might be the party to stand up for civil liberties seems to have disappeared

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4 comments to Tories to Back Down Over Blunkett’s Bill

  • Mark Ellott

    The Tories never were the party of civil liberties – when in power they too set about eroding our basic rights. I don’t forget the Major governments attempt to bring about ID cards in 1996. They too brought about a restrictive criminal justice bill. They are nasty opppressive and power crazy – just the same as all the rest.

  • Yeah, we are pretty much screwed with any of the parties.

  • This is somehow a surprise? I always thought Howard was revolting as Home Secretary. Labour has been even worse, but that doesn’t make Mr Howard good.

  • Kieran

    What it does mean is that Howard hasn’t understood why people applauded Widdecombe when she made the “something of the night” statement.

    Howard alienated a significant number of swing voters. Those voters are the people that he SHOULD be trying to win back. (The tragedy is, he could mobilise a lot of urban support on this issue.

    This lack of understanding suggests that the Tories won’t be making a comeback any time soon.