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Tales from darkest Chelsea

The Fourth British Blogger Bash in Chelsea was a chaotic and noisy affair…but then they always are, so no change there. Thirty-five worthy souls dived into the famous Chilli con Chelsea and only a few were slain by the lurking habanero demons therein…

Adriana, David and Luisa looked on as Perry ritually sacrified a civil servant to get the party swinging


Adriana and Philip amused themselves by hiding the bottles that were inexplicably protruding from Michael’s back pockets


Hair? Ha! Hair is for weaklings!


For some reason the oxygen was getting sucked out of the room…


Brian rather unkindly ate Claire’s Chilli whilst she was in a staring competition with Antoine


Briffa and Sherrif look on nonplused whilst Frank Sennsenbrenner does his Nixon impersonation


David and Claire do the ‘La Dolce Vita’ look rather well


Debbie, Jackie & Simon laugh, little knowing the camera is stealing their souls!


Andrew gets the message and does not tread on Linda


The Dissident Frogman morphs whilst talking to Andrew. Paul and Philip pretend not to notice


Even the hard core started to feel the strain after a while…. but he was just ‘resting his eyes’ really.

Yes… another highly successful blogger bash!

Update: And the Dissident Frogman has a scary Blogger Bash picture of his own.

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