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More fun with the BBC’s iCan

Although I still maintain that I do not take iCan all too seriously, I have bunged a new ‘campaign journal’ up and also written the same piece up as an iCan ‘article’ called Neither chaos nor regulatory dystopia. iCan is wildly convoluted and a real nightmare to navigate and I could not figure out how to ‘attach’ the article to Anti-Activist Activism.

I did however find out how to attach the article to iCan ‘issues’, such as ‘direct democracy’, where I am sure it will be about as welcome as a turd on a billiard table

9 comments to More fun with the BBC’s iCan

  • Go Perry!! Tweak their noses good…

  • Good stuff, though what a nightmare to navigate! Why do the BBC do these things, anyway? Is it to use up the last few pennies of their budget so as to justify the license fee?

  • Julian Morrison

    Nah, more like: “well hey, look at all this money in our departmental budget. So guys, what to use it on? Ho hum, gotta do something with it. Oh yeah, why not lets do blah blah blah…”

  • Maybe Jonathan Miller should move his anti-TV License campaign over to iCan.

  • Cooper

    You sad bunch of snarks – I think ican is great – why dont you do something constructive instead of hanging around this sad blog… the BBC has nothing to do with you Yanks … piss off!

  • Cooper you poor incompetent fool… I am a Brit and the comments are from Brits… it you took the time to engage the brain cell you would be able to figure that out by looking at the links. Duh.

    …And we are doing something constructive, we are opposing the idea of civil society being replaced by jackass activists using the political system to regulate the crap out of everything.

  • Cooper

    My apologies – came to the site via buzzmachine so hence my foolish and wrong-headed error in thinking you were snarky American bloggers having a go at a great British Institution.

    Admittedly there is much to hate about the BBC but I think that the Ican project is a useful development more likely to encourage bottom up action than top down regulation.

    Anyway sorry for being rude – looks like an interesting site.

  • Cooper: the ability to apologise is a rare thing indeed… Apology accepted.

  • The tapir

    Speaking of iCAN, check this out:

    US Foreign Policy – Its Days are Numbered

    Behold, the last days are truly upon us.