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Choosing not to have your number listed

From dc.internet.com:

U.S. Rep. Ed Markey (D.-MA) introduced legislation Thursday to allow cell phone customers to choose at no cost to not have their numbers listed in a national wireless directory. Although there is currently no such service, the wireless industry hopes to roll out directories next year similar to the landline 411 call assistance service.

The bill, known as the Wireless 411 Privacy Act, would require wireless carriers to have “clear pre-authorization” before listing an existing customer’s name and number in a directory. New customers would have to be given a “clear conspicuous mechanism” to decline to participate in any wireless directory assistance database.

The legisation further requires that no fee be charged for opting out of a national wireless directory.

Clearly this is White Rose Relevant, but taht last bit bothers me. “Choosing at no cost” sounds to me like loading costs onto other people.

2 comments to Choosing not to have your number listed

  • Mark Ellott

    No, I think it is simply that if not explicitly stated, wireless carriers would find an excuse to levy an “administration” charge.

  • And given that the national wireless directory is a service that doesn’t exist now and is presumably being introduced because there are people who want to use it, charging the people who do want to use it (and/or be listed in it) seems more sensible to me than charging those that don’t.