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Pre-historic EU found in the Strait of Gibraltar

Plato’s Utopia has long served as a double-edged sword to any aspiring totalitarian. Many of the world’s greatest adventurers, explorers and thinkers have sought the fabled Lost City of Atlantis, coming up with many convoluted theories as to where and how it really existed. Now an expedition to the Strait of Gibraltar may solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Next month, an expedition to hunt for its remains among submerged Gibraltarian islands will be unveiled at the Royal Geographical Society, London, by a renowned geologist, Prof Jacques Collina-Girard, and the leaders of the Titanic expeditions. Prof Collina-Girard believes that generations of Atlantis obsessives overlooked the most obvious location: Plato’s account suggests Atlantis lay before the Pillars of Hercules – today’s Strait of Gibraltar.

Plato said the island kingdom was larger than Libya and Asia put together. It was paradise: peaceful, cultured and unspoilt. A golden age continued for centuries, but eventually corruption got the better of its inhabitants and the gods punished them by submerging Atlantis.

In our fast-paced modern times, the EUropean utopia skipped the golden age to move directly to the corruption phase. If gods wish to retain any shred of their shattered credibility, a total submerging of all EU institutions would be well in place. And they’d better hurry, or they will have their work cut out by the European Directive on Submerging, Flooding and Destroying Continents that is soon to be approved by the EU Commission.

Directive 03/360BC/UTOPIA specifies that any destructive activities by the certified Deities, defined as protest to the political, social and cultural developments of Mortal Citizens (EU Directives 98/3740BC/NOAH and 99/2350BC/SOD&GOM), are to be closely monitored by the relevant agencies using the consolidated global experience and drawing on a long-term state-funded research of such occurrances. Or they could just apply retrospetive fines to penalise Mr Plato for unclear, inconsistent and misleading labelling of his products and services and insufficient specification of their location.

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  • Guy Herbert

    Atlantis was a fable, but definitely of somewhere. The eponym of More’s Utopia (=nowhere), on the other hand, did hint at a satiric aim.

    EUtopia is meant as a good place, without irony. Sincere intent is a most dangerous thing.

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    Plato was wrong about so many things, I’d be surprised if he was right about something as unlikely as Atlantis. Is Littlewoods putting up any odds on the chance of finding “evidence”? I would always bet against jolly old Plato.

  • Dale Amon

    While I’ll not go so far as to say it is the location Plato was talking about, there are some very interesting features about the ocean floor just outside the ‘Pillars of Hercules’.

    During the glacial period a large area of land there would have been above sealevel.

    Due to the ideal placement for travel and commerce between Africa and Europe at a time when the Sahara was green, it seems like a very good spot to look for an ancient city, one of the grandest of it’s era…. of course tens of huts made of wattle and daub and the odd grand hall of goat and mammoth hides might not be in very good shape after 12000 years under water…

  • Dale Amon


    Seriously though, I’d think this underwater area should be of great interest to Archaelogists, along with the floor of the Black Sea, when undersea technology advances just a little bit more.

    It’s a factor I don’t much hear of when I read Archaeologists. We all know that human settlements tend to form at natural crossroads. River outlets to the ocean, good harbours and the like.

    Most of the areas in which one would expect human settlements 12KYA around the world are today under many meters of water. Ergo, I very much suspect we have a very incomplete picture of the opening pages of the history of civilization.

  • “Atlantis in Gibraltar, between Iberia and Africa”

    Comparisons between the theory of the Hispano-american investigator Georgeos Diaz-Montexano and French geologist Jacques Collina-Girard. Simple Coincidences or Plagiarism?

    By María Fdez-Valmayor

    The French geologist Jacques Collina-Girard claims no one before him (Sept, 2001, publication date of his article) had realized Atlantis Island could be located in one of the sunken islands or shoals at the Strait of Gibraltar, which was exactly where hispano-american investigator Georgeos Díaz-Montexano has been upholding for the last years: he could prove the first publication of his theory was in April, 2000 (see: Proofs 1 and Proofs 2)

    Georgeos Díaz-Montexano
    Theory in April, 2000
    Jacques Collina-Girard
    Theory in September, 2001

    Collina-Girand has successfully confused the National Geographic Society, as well as everyone else, with his “influence”, “degrees”, and “academic references”. He has “more credibility” than Georgeos Díaz, as he is part of the “oficial” and “academic world”. However, he is neither entitled to nor has the right to take advantage of someone’s effort and intellectual property, even from an “amateur”.

    Anyway, this point is, in fact, easy to solve (both in front of public opinion and court, if there was no other way but turn to Law): In order to prove Collina-Girard has formulated a theory almost identical if not really similar to Georgeos Diaz-Montexano’s one, at least in the most fundamental points and the theoretical statement, he just needs to settle two obstacle, from my on point of view, easy to overcome.

    1. He has to prove that those who read the basic statements of Collina-Girard’s theory, which was same as Georgeos Diaz’s, would find both theories similiar or almost identical to each other, close enough for them to be easy confused, regardless of who was the first person to write it. So, first of all, it would be necessary to lay down how close the two basic statements are: the major defence of Collina-Girard’s is still that both theories are “totally different”. Of course, what else would he say!

    If there is a high similitude between both basic statements of this two theories, then, we have a problem, as both autors cannot claim in their writtings, and in front of mass media, they are the original creators of it. It can only be one, and this point could be solve if one of them says so, in public, that is, his theory is later, just a “simple” and “curious casuality”. If the secondary or later author keeps saying everywhere in mass media that he was the first to announce that theory, then, of course, he would be damaging the original and previous author, who won’t be able to get neither financing nor any support to develop his theory, as everybody would argue there’s a previous investigator claiming to have been developing the same statement before.

    2. So after laying down how close to eah other the basic statements are, it would be necessary to show who was the first publishing it. There’re magazines and news to demostrate this point.

    To make it easy, I’ve arranged a short article and clear comparative table, with the basic statements of both theories, showing the most relevant points people can see when reading them. Accurately, these comparisions should be done with investigators’ first publicacions, instead of their later developing of themselves. And so it is. We have compared the main statements of both theories in Georgeos’ first publication (the mass media magazine “Más Allá de la Ciencia” -Beyong Science-, April, 2000), and Jacques Collina-Girard’s, in Science Academy, September, 2001. The French geologist submitted a report, with date March 15th, 2001, to French Science Academy. Collina-Girard states this theory came up to his mind just by chance in January, 2001, but the report was not accepted until June, 2001, and published in September, 2001. So, before September, 2001, no one could neither know nor even think Collina-Girard’s theory did exist. Up until that date, the only theory about “Atlantis in Gibraltar, between Iberia and Morocco” was Georgeos Diaz’s statement. Also, as the bulletin where Collina-Girard published his “pseudo-theory” would only circulate in academic media, it hadn’t reached outside if it wasn’t for the big divulgation campaign at the end of September, 2001, using all international mass media.

    Why did they do so?

    How many relevant and even more original reports are submitted every year to Science Academy, no announced at any international mass media?

    Why even, being Atlantis a “taboo” topic, with a really bad image for scientific society, all institutions and media regarding them hastened to support this “pseudo-theory” divulgation campaign, Collina-Girard’s (the Georgeos’s theory) “Atlantis in Gibraltar, between Iberia and Africa”?

    The French scientist (Jacques Collina-Girard and his team) did know perfectly Georgeos Diaz’s investigations, and, convinced of his higher scientific possiblities, they planned to steal Georgeos Diaz’s theory as soon as they realized he was not part of any University, with neither possible credibility nor institutional support with him. Looks like, as we have seen, these French “scientists” did think it is the “oficial science”, not again “amateurs”, the ones to represent and take the glory for (maybe, who knows) the scientific discovery of Atlantis. This is not the first time in History, “so-called” academic “scientist”had tried the same, not only against Spanish investigators.

    In any case, we need your most sincere opinion and votes, after reading this article and analyzing the comparative table between both theories:


    Please, see to the pdf archive.


    Yours, María Fdez-Valmayor

    Secretary, “The Civilizations Origins Scientific Society”



    Tel. (34) 91 408 82 84

    (34) 660 89 65 70


    Survey: Think that a great similarity between both theories exists?


    Translate by Lc. César Guarde. Universidad de Barcelona, Spain.

    Tel. (34) 660 89 65 70 / (34) 91 479 91 20

  • Abraham

    You can not believe a single word of this person, Montexano is a very dark person with a lot of shit in Internet. He has a kind of sectarism organizations with non historical interest:

    This is the web of his business




    Georgeos claims to have performed a great deal of work either through, or for, the S.E.C. The S.E.C. is an acronym for “la Sociedad Espeleologica de Cuba” (the Speleological Society of Cuba). He has also claimed to have performed a great deal of work either through, or for, the A.C.C. The A.C.C. is an acronym for “la Academia de Ciencas de Cuba” (the Academy of Science of Cuba).

    As SkinWalker so astutely pointed out in his posting, Georgeos never mentions that he has earned a degree, he only states that he studied Archaeology and History at the S.E.C.; this could merely mean that he had an opportunity to observe paleolithic remains whilst on a cave “spelunking” trip. And what “Society” do you guys know that offers degrees in Archaeology and History? If he would actually have earned a degree in any of the fields that he has named (archaeology, history, anthropology, palaeolinguistics, epigraphy, linguistics, & scriptology), he would have studied them at the A.C.C. – NOT at the S.E.C.

    Anyway, I have sent an e-mail to the president of the S.E.C. and asked if he remembers either a Georgeos Diaz Montexano or a Jorge Diaz Sanchez having any association with the S.E.C. from 1988-1993. I await his response.

    Furthermore, Georgeos lists Epigraphy and Palaeolinguistics as topics he has studied; he then lists both the International Epigraphic Society and the Barry Fell Foundation of Harvard University as if he studied at these two locations. What is really funny about this, however, is if you go the Harvard University webpage and do a search for the Barry Fell Foundation, it returns 0 results! In fact, I can’t find ANYTHING on any Barry Fell Foundation. The Midwest Epigraphic Society is based here in Columbus, Ohio and I will be contacting them soon to ask about Georgeos’ claims, as well.

    I am currently researching and trying to obtain a list of the 1991 “Carlos de la Torre National Award” recipients, and when I do, I’ll wager his name is not on it! If not, you can rest assured that I will be posting a copy of this in the Atlantis Rising Forum!

    The excavations he claims to have been on were probably just in a volunteer capacity, and as such he would have been hauling and sifting bucket after bucket of excavated material (dirt) – NOT carefully revealing archaeological treasures with a patiche and brush!

    All of the “Journals” he claims to have founded, and “Projects of Exploration and Investigation” he claims to have conducted, appear to be nothing more than his own “creations” – listed for the express purpose of “impressing” people.

    Lastly, and most humorously (I believe), is his claim of being a “linguist”, and yet, in almost all of the languages he professes to be able to translate and read, he lists his skill level as “basic”! In not one language does he even claim to have an “Intermediate” skill level, except in Ancient Egyptian, and his knowledge of hieroglyphics does not stand in testament to that claim.

    Why did he change his name from Jorge Diaz Sanchez to Georgeos Diaz Montexano, I wonder?

    It is possible that much of what he has written in his background is comparable to a job resume (slightly exaggerated to make himself look more important than he really is – no real harm there), but there are portions of his background page that are downright misleading and other portions that (I believe) are just plain misrepresentative and fraudulent. I believe that I will eventually be able to prove that he is a fraud, and when I do I’ll let you all know. Andre and NileQueen, I will post the evidence of his fraudulence in the Atlantis Rising Forum for all there to read.


    He usses a lot of diferent nicks in the forums to support himself and always fells like a victim of a conspiration,

  • Honam

    You must be very bored (and boring) to waste your time in proving this or that person is a fraud. Maybe you should get a life, or maybe you should learn some Ancient Greek. Up to you.

  • Martin

    Hi Honam, I agree with you.

    In addition, this Abraham, is the Jaime Manuschevich himself, D�az-Montexano’s great enemy! and who say that Atlantis was Israel, and the atlanteans the ancient Jews (its ancestros) of 11560 years ago.

    This Mr. Manuschevich is trying to destroy to Diaz-Montexano time ago in many forums, and in Wikipedia, some times with his name and others with anonymous alias, or through friends.

    Is evident that he believe as the only possible way that it must to be able to obtain something of success with his absurd theory is destroying to that he considers his main rival intellectual, that is, Mr. Diaz-Montexano.

    Martin S.

  • Martin

    Hi Honam, I agree with you.

    In addition, this Abraham, is the Jaime Manuschevich himself, D�az-Montexano’s great enemy! and who say that Atlantis was Israel, and the atlanteans the ancient Jews (its ancestros) of 11560 years ago.

    This Mr. Manuschevich is trying to destroy to Diaz-Montexano time ago in many forums, and in Wikipedia, some times with his name and others with anonymous alias, or through friends.

    Is evident that he believe as the only possible way that it must to be able to obtain something of success with his absurd theory is destroying to that he considers his main rival intellectual, that is, Mr. Diaz-Montexano.

    Martin S.