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No privacy for accused celebs

Patrick Crozier reflects on the privacy dilemmas of celebs, in this case the soccer celebs who are being accused of gang rape.

He concludes: (1) privacy for such people is dead (“I found out the name of the club involved in 10 minutes”), (2) for a celeb simply being cleared is not enough, (3) this affects the club(s) hugely (well yes! – BM), and (4) If Patrick were an accused celeb he’d tell the truth in public (either way) quickly.

The whole thing (not that much longer than this) is here.

1 comment to No privacy for accused celebs

  • It’s been a very odd week reading about this in the press. Basically the newspapers cannot say anything (although the tabloids have been stretching this) so instead we get absurdly generalised stories about how unnamed highly paid but stupid sportsmen have behaved badly on other occasions, plus things like stories of lawyers threatening to sue people for libel who have propagated e-mail about the identities of footballers. This seems to be another incidence of lawyers completely losing track of reality, as they do surprisingly frequently these days, but if anything comes of it it needs to be discussed here I think.

    I also knew the identities in about ten minutes, as I think did just about everyone. For good or for ill, no story like this is ever going to remain secret again, and it is time people stopped kidding themselves about this.