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M&S to Trial RFID Spy Chips

Internet.com reports that UK retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) is to begin trials of RFID tagging at item level.

Clothes in M&S stores will be tagged with RFID chips. These each contain a unique ID and can be read by a nearby scanner without the consumer being aware of it. Thus your underwear might be broadcasting your location.

To be fair to M&S they did show an unusual degree of social responsibility concerning these trials. They consulted with CASPIAN and as a result the tags will be obvious and will not be scanned at checkouts.

Welcome as these factors are, this trial is still another step on the dangerous road towards making RFID ubiquitous. Not all companies will share M&S’s ethical stance, therefore RFID tagging at item level must be opposed outright.

Cross-posted from The Chestnut Tree Cafe. Thanks to shanti941 for the pointer.

1 comment to M&S to Trial RFID Spy Chips

  • Leroy Ace Sheldon

    Where is the electronic monitoring going? Other than
    making slaves of the common masses; spy chips in all products serve no purpose.
    I seriously doubt that merchants will advertise “SPY CHIPS IN EVERYTHING” and “PRODUCT MONITORS YOUR EVERY MOVE”, if they did sales might depreciate. Will the local department stores post cautions on their doors
    Since the rich get richer and he with the gold makes the rules; OUR FREEDOM IS DOOMED.
    I would appeciateit if one product be omitted from having this chip, CONDOMS.