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Halloween dilemma

I am attending a Halloween bash tomorrow evening, like many folks. Question – should I go as Ozzy Osborne, self-styled Prince of Darkness in the rock world, or probably new leader of the Tory Party and the man who was once dubbed as “having something of the night about him,” Michael Howard MP?

Much hangs on which way I choose to jump. Comments please!

15 comments to Halloween dilemma

  • BigFire

    Go as Michael Howard. Ozzie is so yesterday.

  • Will

    Gotta be Howard. If you went with an Osbourne, it would have to be Kelly, anyway. Far scarier.

    It was Ann Widdecombe who mentioned that fact that Howard “had something of the night about him”. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s very reassuring to hear that said about the future Leader of the Tory Party. Especially as IDS turned out to have of the Sunday afternoon about him.

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    The costume might take a little doing for you, Jonathan, but a good libertarian choice would be anti-tax activist Lady Godiva.

    Maybe we can get Natalie or Alice in this costume? 🙂

  • Simon Jester

    Methinks Doris Karloff was projecting when she made that comment about the next Tory leader.

  • Paul

    Maybe you could go as Ozzie after he’d been elected the new leader of the Tory party?

    Just asking, is all.

  • JSAllison

    Go as Homer, just think, Doughnuts and Beer

  • Patrick W

    From what I can see in various websites and newspapaers Michael Howard it actually a reasonably OK man but one who has a facility for giving wayward subordinates a dressing down.

    The ‘something of the night’ comment came from Anne Widdecombe who was running a campaign of hatred against him at the time for giving her such a dressing down (he was her boss). Now if you want a truly scary, hideous and underworldlike figure to go as for your Halloween party you could do no better than the Addams Family reject Anne Widdecombe.

  • Verity

    Anne Widdecombe’s phrase was memorable and dramatic, but it never seemed to actually mean anything. Strikes me she’d manufactured it beforehand, intending to use it when the opportunity struck. Had the interviewer said: “What do you mean by that, Ms Widdecombe?” I think she’s have been at a loss.

    I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but wasn’t it in response to her getting the sack, or something?

  • Rob Read

    Should be an unnapologetic something of the Right!

  • Go as Ozzy, in full PoD makeup — you’ll look less ridiculous.

  • Kevin L. Connors

    Can’t say as I know much about Howard. But personally, I always found Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop more satisfying than Ozzy.

  • Better Howard. Frankly, some of us are getting a bit tired of the Ozzy act.

    What do you mean it isn’t an act?!

  • Antoine Clarke

    Go as a taxman: no head, hard nose, no soul, bloodsucker with attitude.

  • Go as Howard, much scarier than Ozzy. You don’t have long enough hair for one thing or enough rings!

    The thoughts of Ozzy leading the Tory Party made me smile. He certainly would not be the most incoherent Tory MP that is for sure.