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Gain new skills online…

For those who find Mondays blue and tired and for those who might be inspired to a change of career… Ladies and gentlemen I give you:

Dissect a frog online!

Via Monkeyfarts

Note: Any resemblence to characters real or imagined is purely coincidental and the editorial team of Samizdata.net shall not be held responsible for any dissections of the insinuated individual.

8 comments to Gain new skills online…

  • speedwell

    Change of career, huh?

    I remember that when my class dissected frogs, my assigned lab partner, who was the year’s most celebrated football player, refused to touch the gross object, so I stepped in, did it, and got an A.

    So what did I wind up doing in later life? Well, one of my jobs was as an executive assistant in Roger Staubach’s real estate firm.

    Be careful what you wish for. LOL

  • Is this a Declaration Of War Mr. Syme?

    Who would dare to dissect me? You?

    You, and what army?

    I take it this is nothing but a perfidious attempt to take a cheap revenge, following our recent conversation, and the brilliant demonstration of the full range of my anatomizing proficiency on naked and unconscious organisms that, if I remember well, let you astonished and speechless.

    How vile! How petty, how catty of you Mr. Syme! And you Brits are supposed to be the living incarnation of fair-play?

    Well you’re a sore loser and the shame of your kin, Mr. Syme.

    Dissecting me? As speedwell put it, “Be careful what you wish for”.

    Serviteur, Monsieur.

  • Dissident frogman: Ouch.

  • kev

    eeeooo! eeeoooo!

    This is why I took physics in High school and not advanced biology after Bio 1


  • Chris Josephson

    I wish they had something like this when I was in school. One year we disected both a frog and fetal pig. I can still remember that awful stench.

    My lab partner and I were both a bit sqeemish. That was not a stellar year for me in science.

  • Kodiak

    Excellent !

    May I keep the legs ?

  • kyle

    why the hell cant i dissect a frog or rat my self online like you say you stupid f**king pig