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Disney Senator slated to retire

Radley Balko has an article in Fox News today on a subject near and dear to my heart. Senator Fritz Hollings is at long last ending his dismal career.

This is the same Senator who in 1986 attempted a media grand stand play over the graves of the seven Challenger Astronauts. He is the luddite who can not deal with the modern world of technology and information and who wants us to return to a post-WWII world of backbreaking labour. He is the Senator who wants to make the internet safe for Disney and the RIAA.

For decades he has been the best Senator money can buy. I’m sure someone will miss him, but it certainly will not be me.

6 comments to Disney Senator slated to retire

  • R.C. Dean

    That certainly counts as this week’s good news.

  • Well, Michael Eisner will probably miss him. Just let me add an additional observation that this is good news.

  • Ironchef

    Foghorn Leghorn will certainly not be missed in my home state. Good riddance.

  • David R Beatty

    Having grown up in South Carolina, my response is “Good riddance, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt”!

  • Russ Goble

    yeah, this is great news. He’s a luddite and a protectionist to boot. His home state is classic example of globalization done right. They lose textile jobs, but have to console themselves with a heavyly industrialized corridor that has tons of cutting edge jobs including a BMW plant.

    I also found it fascinating how a deep south Democrat became Hollywood’s most outspoken supporter. First Strom (god rest his soul) and now Hollings. South Carolina is coming into the modern world. It’s welcome news.

  • Ian

    Much as I’d like to think we’ve seen the last of him, I’m already half-resigned to seeing him offer his consluting services to Hollywood, and spouting half a dozen flavors of techo-illiterate horse-hockey on TV.