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Why I love the Internet, reason number 527

For web design that hurts, you really need to visit…

Lick my code, you little worm!

10 comments to Why I love the Internet, reason number 527

  • You want a website.
    You don’t know what kind of website you want.

    Give us your money and piss off.
    When it’s ready, we’ll call.

    $500 for a MT-powered blog that you openly hand over all design aspects? Sounds like an unregulated market! The uninformed feeble-minded jackasses of the Internet might be exploited!

    Of course, the index girl looks like Princess Leia…where’s my wallet?

  • G Cooper

    Ah, the smack of firm government….

    Thatcherites, eat your hearts out!

  • Julian Morrison

    Most sensible client-relations policy I’ve seen. Idiot clients screw up 99% of programming jobs. Telling them to pay up, shut up, and take what they’re given would be a breath of fresh air to any coder.

  • Julian gets a free spanking.

  • Julian Morrison

    *grins, laughs* could I trade that in for a job interview instead?

  • Well…I could use a new towel boy. The hours are gruelling and the pay is the privelege of being idly whipped when I’m bored…

  • Julian Morrison

    Hmm. My line’s more programming, emphasis in serverside code (perl, java, zope, SQL etc) on unix. And the pay would have to be money – but I’d accept low pay and long hours, for the opportunity to do genuinely productive work. I’ve just gotten so tired of having to code up the ideas of idiots…

  • I’ll tell you what, Julian, should I have a need for something that hefty, I shall certainly flick my exquisitely manicured fingernails in your direction.

  • Julian Morrison

    Accepted, and thanks.